5 Things to look for before buying a laptop

Have you ever cared about some specification that should be included in your laptop before buying one ? Certainly if I ask this question to many of you, your answer will be Yes. But, before you give it a thought you should know before hand that on which factors does the overall system will work better for you.

It is always good to have a certain idea or the technical specifications made up in your mind before buying a laptop, First, it helps you to get the laptop of your choice and Second, you can get the laptop according to your requirements. So, this post will discuss about the 5 things that you should consider before purchasing a your new laptop. Although, the article will mainly focus on the  features to look for in a laptop, you can also consider the same for buying a PC.

laptops2 5 Things to look for before buying a laptop

Hardware :

It is the most important aspect of a system as it decides the overall performance of your laptop. Retailers in the market will always try to sell the item which they think will increase their margin, but if you are awared of the hardware requirements you need then certainly you will get a laptop with better efficiency and performance. Technology is continously changing, so you should not at all pick a laptop with obsolete hardware as many of the softwares will not be compatible with the hardware you have.Dell laptops 5 Things to look for before buying a laptop

The main aspects that is to be considered in this section are : CPU, RAM, GPU, HardDrive. CPU or the processor is the most crucial factor that decides the speed of the system , some of them from Intel like the Core i3,i5 and i7 has completely revolutionized the world of computing. Not only Intel but AMD also provide processors like AMD Athlon X2 at very affordable prices, which efficiently carries out hectic processess in seconds. Also, you should always go for the processor with a clock speed more than 2 Ghz, you can check the details like processor type and power, Graphics card specification by opening Run window and typing the command dxdiag in it.

Performance :

It is one of the key aspect that should never be ignored, as the technology has advanced a lot, many new applications are available for your laptop, which inturn effects the systems performance. With the advent of Dual-core processors and Quad-core processors like in Core i7, today it is not at all advisable to get a processor with a single core. Further, if you are a gaming freek then a GPU with 3D graphics will eventually add to your system performance, companies like NVIDIA and ATI RADEON provides 3D Graphics card ranging from 512MB to 2GB. The most significant aspect is the RAM of the laptop, if you are frequently used to edit large files and run HD videos and audio streaming then a laptop with more RAM can signicantly increase the perfomance. Nowadays, 3GB and 4GB RAM’s are quiet common in laptops. The last factor on which the performance rely is the Hard Driveavailable on the laptop, it will significantly increase the performance during moving of files from one drive to another.

Display & Design :

HP Pavillion laptop 5 Things to look for before buying a laptop

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” , although the phrase is quiet correct and acceptable but you should never forget that Display is the major aspect because it not only gives a beautiful look to your laptop but also provides ease of access. You should  carefully select the display of your laptop as it cannot be changed unlike your Desktop Computer. It is further your choice that how much wide you want the screen to be, whether a 14-inch screen or a 15-inch will solve your purpose, correspondigly the resolution recommended is 1366×768 pixels, you should be cautious while buying the screen for your laptop as some retailers charge extra money for a 15-inch laptop which has the same resolution as a 14-inch laptop. For checking dead pixels and damaged screens you can open a text editor or notepad with the background color as white and can easily locate the defects in it.

Battery Life & Warranty :

Many organisations claim a fake battery back-up and do not provide the actual back-up time, as most of the laptops can only sustain maximum upto 3hrs, the companies go on claiming a battery backup of 5 to 6hrs for their laptops. A laptop with high rated processorsand a GPU will definitely consume more power and discharge the battery soon, as it need more cooling & processing power. On the warranty front, companies generally provides a standard warranty of 1 year which can be extended also. If you are going to purchase a new laptop you are more likely to take care of it like a new born baby and would take a warranty for any damages. But, most of us ignore the agreement of the company to provide only the warranty for hardware and will not pay for any accidental damages. Extending the warranty period after a year is definitely a good option if you want your laptop to live longer. Squaretrade is a third party warranty supplier company which can provide you warranty for 2 years and more, it is a widely recognized & reputed company for consumer products.

Brand Name :

Macbook 5 Things to look for before buying a laptop

Some people are Brand crazy and are more likely to take the laptop of the company with a big brand name. Indeed, this is not the exact story, as some of the companies like AsusToshiba and Acer provide very good laptops at affordable prices. You should always prefer that brand that provides better customer services and technical support, Dell has been widely acknowledged for its extensive customer service. Further, if you have a higher budget, than no other company can match Apple, as the products they offer are awesome with excellent performance.

Conclusion :

Buying a laptop can be a very difficult task or can be very easy, because at the end of the day it is you who will decide which one to pick and which one to kick, but the points I have mentioned above and suggestions made would definitely help you a lot. While I believe that it is always a very difficult task to select the best laptop according to the specific requirements as the laptop market continously changes with fluctuations in price. So, you should always first clear your needs and then go for trying some options.

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