Alaska Airlines – Plans, Employees and Pets policy

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines is an American Airline headquarted in Seattle, Washington. The company was founded in 1932 as McGee Airways. It has grown and now it has flights operating in more than hundred locations. It is the fifth largest Airlines in United States of America. Alaska Airlines owned Virgin America after a bidding war with JetBlue in April 2016. It has been appreciated by SmarterTravel, the Points Guy, and FlyerTalk—three authoritative aviation websites along with U.S. News & World Report, as the best U.S. airline with the best rewards program.  According to the FlightStast, Alaska is the number one airline for its performance records during the recent years. It earned J.D. Power’s highest customer satisfaction rating for the consecutive 10 years.

Alaska Airlines

Factors that J.D. Power survey for airlines looks for:

The main factors include Costs of the ticket, in-flight services and aircraft quality. Other additional factors include boarding, check- in experience, deplaning, baggage handling, flight crew and user-friendliness. Alaska maintains good aircraft quality and offers tickets on affordable prices. In-flight services is an exception. Alaska wins due to its extensive margins on boarding, deplaning and baggage handling category.

Alaska Loyalty Program:

The main travel benefit of Alaska is the attractive loyalty program or Mileage plan with which they offers miles to the customers for the distance they fly irrespective of the ticket cost. This attracts the customers to fly more miles, score the rank and earn the perks of the loyalty program. Alaska introduced a new policy named “Parental Leave” with the help of which new parents can hold their loyalty status for an year.

Alaska Mileage Plan

Corporate culture in Alaska:

“Empowered Employees” is the theme of Alaska Airlines. Applying Government and federal policies to any Airlines is easily. Following those policies and taking it to the customers is the pain area. Turning this pain area to an area of praise is the key factor of Alaska Airlines.

Alaska Corporate Culture

Cushioning the blow of travel in Airlines:

Alaska provides “empowerment toolkit” to all the employees during their training period. It contains series of incentives that the employee can provide their customers. This includes miles, money, restaurant vouchers and free waivers. If the flight got delayed by two hours or more, the passenger  will get airport restaurant vouchers worth $50. Longer delays will be balanced by giving free Wi-Fi pass codes or waived-flight change features to the passengers. All Airlines provides a website for tracking customer complaints and to take action on it. This will take more time. Alaska take action directly on time along with incentives using their technologies and training to the employees.

Empowered employees of Alaska:

The Alaska airlines employee can use appropriate strategy to find the customers and decide based on the guidelines instructed to them.  The employees connects passengers through technology platform with which they fulfill the their needs on the spot. Passengers will share their experience via feedback and Alaska will be give monthly or annual bonuses according to the feedback they have received. This is the secret formula for their successful growth. The employees can avail stock purchase plan which allows them to take part in the success of the company which most of the other companies does not have.


Why people choose to work in Alaska?

  1. Peace of mind for retirement:

Alaska helps employees retire with financial security. Alaska saver plan offers employees with auto increments every year, flexible distribution options and financial education programs.

2. Place for innovation:

Alaska Airlines is well known for its customers service. They use advanced technologies to help their employees to do hassle free jobs. Research and development team of Alaska works for the betterment of the process and tools to ease the jobs of the employees.

3. Community:

Alaska invests more in their communities and the charities they support. They conduct events throughout North America to encourage their employees and reward them to achieve more.

4. Travel Benefits:

Working under an airlines always provides travel perks to the employees. Employees of Alaska can enjoy unlimited free travel on Alaska and its Horizons. They can even travel in other airlines with discounts. Paid offs will be given to the employees to avail such travel benefits.

5. Respect for Employees:

Many companies portraits their employees as the pillar for their growth. In contrast, Alaska treats its employees as the real pillars for their growth. It keep its employees feel happy at all times which in turn will make the passengers feel happy. This is the success factor for their outstanding growth.

Alaska pets scheme:

  • Pets like dogs, cats, rabbits and birds can be taken during the travel.
  • Reserve the seats for your pets well in advance.
  • Contact the Customer Service Team at their number 800-252-7522 for reservation and for more details such as the availability of seats and inquiry. 

Pets in Alaska Airlines


  • Dogs or cats of 8 weeks or more can travel in the cabin.
  • Each passenger can travel with a maximum of two pets.
  • The combined weight of carrier documents and the pets should not exceed 20lbs (9 kg).
  • The fee for each pet is $100 in each way.

Pets in Alaska Airlines

Carrier Restrictions:

  • Hard-sided carriers must have maximum dimensions of 17″ H x 11″ W x 7.5″ D (43 cm x 28 cm x 19 cm) and soft-sided carriers should not exceed 17″ H x 11″ W x 9.5″ D (43 cm x 28 cm x 48 cm).
  • Use Leak-proof carriers lined with absorbent bedding and adequate ventilation.
  • Kennels should be solid with strong handles, adequate air ventilation and a roof.
  • Pets must be provided with food and water bowls inside the carrier.

Alaska Login:

To know about Alaska airlines, visit their official site which has details such as flights, bookings, travel guide, flight deals, packages, route maps, hotels, policies, services and so on. To join their plans and services, you need to sign up first. Visit their official website and give basic details under sign up form. Avail their offers and plans by signing up.

For any customer queries, you can reach out to Alaska Airlines Customer care number 1-100-654-5669. Customer care professionals will give answers for all the queries.

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