Androdumpper WiFi Hacking Tutorial For ANDROID

Androdumpper apk is an educational app that is purely developed for educational and testing of WPS vulnerability in Wi-Fi routers using some pre built algorithms to hack Wi-Fi networks for getting their passwords.

This app is designed both for rooted and non rooted android devices.

  1. No Root Method : No Root Method supports only Android 5 (Lollipop) and later versions.
  2. Root Method : Root method supports all the android versions that are rooted already.

I will guide you for learning both the methods as following.

     1.No Root Method : 

  • If you are having non rooted android device then you must have an android device with android 5.0 or later versions for using androdumpper app on your device.
  • But there is a small disadvantage in this method that is you cannot see the password but only connect to the network.In order to see the password you must root your device.

     2.  Root Method :

  • If you have a rooted android device androdumpper apk will ask you to choose either No Root Method or Root Method when you open the app.Then you can see the wifi password by both the methods.
  • If you want to see the password of the hacked wifi network then you must root your android device or if you just want to use others WPS enabled wifi then you need a android 5.0 or later version device.

Below i will guide you on how to hack wifi using androdumpper app on android.

How To Use Androdumpper Apk To Hack Wifi :

  1. Download androdumpper app from playstore.
  2. Enable wifi on your device.
  3. Open androdumpper apk on android device after installing it.
  4. Wait sometime and let the app scan the wifi networks near you.
  5. Then you will get some wifi networks around you.
  6. Then choose which network you want to crack.But make sure you have strong signal before you select it.

7. Then androdumpper app asks you to Choose the way that fits your device either it may be Root Way or No Root Way.

8. Select No Custom Pin to let the app choose its own pin and for root users we can use brute-force method.

9. Wait for the process to be done.

10. After the successful crack a popup will appear showing you wifi username and password if you use root method.

If you use no root method your device will automatically connect to the WPS enabled wifi network that you have selected.

If you have any other queries regarding androdumpper app please feel free to contact us via contact us page.


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