Top 30 Best Rainmeter Skins Themes 2018 for Windows 10/8.1/7

As we know, Microsoft Corporation is the creator of Window OS and we get same user experience present in every Windows OS starting from Win 7 to Win 10. Sadly, we can only change the wallpaper but changing wallpapers only changes the background but the screen remains same. But we have the solution for your problem we can customize the screen with the help of Bese and simple rainmeter skins listed below. Rainmeter skin is the only software which allows to change themes/skins on windows PC. Just download the software and you are ready to customize your pc or laptop.

Downloading screensavers and customizing is never a good idea as it reduces performance, and if you belongs to such kind why not use rainmeter skin which not only makes your pc new but also making it different from other PC’s and in simple words it is called ‘stand apart from the crowd’. The main and the best thing about download and installing best rainmeter skins for windows pc is completely free. And u haven’t heard this please stay with us and we will clear your doubts in this article.

Many pc and laptop owners believe they can’t change interface and are used to it, but surprisingly there many options to change the desktop. To start with you have to go from the roots by clearing doubts about what is rain meter, so let’s start.

Top 30 Best Rainmeter Skins Themes For Windows

What is Rain Meter?

Rain Meter is basically a software which allows changing themes or skins on your device, you can change from the head to the foot of your desktop, for example, wifi, sound, player etc.After installing it will totally change the interface of your desktop. To start with you have to download rainmeter skin on your device.

Top Rain Meter skin themes of 2018

We have listed some best and top rainmeter skins themes for pc below –

There are many other websites providing rainmeter free themes but we cannot fully assure you whether they will work or not and sometimes they may contain malicious virus too. For better results we have provided the links kindly follow that-

1. Ironman – Jarvis

Ironman Jarvis Skin Download

This theme is specially designed for the people who love ironman . It is best rainmeter for windows 7,8,10. It will totally gift you the Jarvis look to your desktop. Actually there are many Jarvis theme available but this them specially has best widgets and wallpaper.

Download Ironman Jarvis

2. Darkness falls

Darkness falls Skin Download

This theme will surely give you nightlife like feeling. It is specially for the people who like dark on their PC . This rainmeter theme is totally black as the name suggest from wallpaper to the widgets. It also provides customized widgets so that one can use and shape according to his/her needs.

Download Darkness Falls

3. Obsidian

Obsidian Rainmeter

 This rainmeter theme makes very user friendly interface then one should go for this Obsidian Rainmeter skin. It gives your PC totally different view by creating step-like structure on the screen by arranging important widgets and apps on the main screen, all you have to do is click on an app from the block and the app will open in seconds.It is the best rainmeter skins.

Download Obsidian

4. End of the world

End of the world Skin

This is one of the beautiful skin available in the market this totally changes desktop interface. It looks more of a imaginary theme,you will see half ended earth in the background. Also , you can change the icons and widgets too.

Download End Of The World

5. Pog Pack

Pog Pack Download

This theme provides total instrument type design on your PC. All important app can be accessed directly. It gives you digital feeling. To install the theme on your computer and feel awesome experience. The theme is free to download and it will give you the desktop screen like a dashboard of a sports car.

Pog Pack Download

6. Horde

Horde Rainmeter Download

Horde gives you a simple and elegant look to your PC . It is designed for the users who want simple feel to your PC. Besides, you can change the clock, widgets, player skins only.

Horde Download

7. Galaxy Suite

Galaxy Suite 2018 Download

Galaxy suite is a very excellent theme providing excellent galaxy backgrounds and best user interface to your PC. From the name you can guess how the theme will look like. This skin can fully change your overall looks of the desktop which includes everything.

Download Galaxy Suite

8. Switchin

Switchin PC Skin

Switchin skin provides the most classic feel with a simple interface. Install it to your PC and enjoy excellent performance. It gives you the total whitish look and making it clear interface. There is also taskbar on the top of the screen where you can view running apps.

Switchin Download

9. Pileus Suite

Pileus Suite Rainmeter

Pileus gives you a total artistic look with colorful effects on your PC. The screen turns into a painted view. There is also a widget showing CPU usage giving it a very extraordinary look.

Download Pileus Suite

10. Moon Glow

Moon Glow Skin 2018

If you want to get a simple UI then moon glow is the best.The coolest thing about this skin is its background.There are excellent widgets in this UI which makes it a sure try skin.

Download Moon Glow

11. Eker Lina

Eker Lina Skin

Eker Lina gives a full greenish effect that will give clean visuality.The widgets on the top is fully customizable. The black colour gives a very elegant look in any wallpaper. I can change colours of the widgets and players as well.

Download Eker Lina

12. Encoded

Encoded Rainmeter Skin Download

The theme encoded has white, gray,red which attracts anybody giving an excellent interface. It also comes with different colours making widgets look attractive. One can easily add widget in the same place.

Download Encoded

13. Morph

Morph Skin Download 2019

Morph is a nice theme giving abstract design icon as well widget. It makes the desktop more clearer by arranging the icons in sequence.Also, you customize widgets for controlling screen.

Download Morph

14. Before Dawn

Before Dawn Best Rainmeter

It is best and coolest them giving a free look.It is very simple theme with clean up.It gives live widgets which makes it excellent. One can easily handle the screen of PC as well as the laptop too.

Donwoad Before Dawn

15. Razor

Razor Skin Rainmeter

Razor is famous for its clean and simple look . It also provides live view and this attracts many users. All the default UI will be totally changed and you will get a new look which will surely make you more comfortable whenever you are using PC.

Download Razor

16. Raleway Skin

Raleway Skin Download

Raleway skin is totally based on nature providing simple UI and classic view. The weather widget gives live notification.And the most important apps are there in the middle of the screen.

Download Raleway Skin

17. i2 Bar

i2 Bar Rainmeter

This theme comes under abstract category additionally with great visual effects with great white and black combination. The most stylish part is its top. Also, you can customize the header as well as the footer of theme.

Download i2 Bar

18. GeoSans 2.0

GeoSans 2.0 Skin Download

It is very simple and textual based theme .This theme gives you are elegant feel looking at the desktop. It also allows to customize different widgets like battery bar , weather and others.

Download GeoSans 2.0

19. Play Station

Play Station Rainmeter Skin

We are you like PlayStation and thereby added this theme. And if you are gamer then this theme is made for you. This team provides you several customization that can make you feel like a true gamer. The skin comes with excellent wallpaper making it more famous.

Playstation Rainmeter Download

20. Glass rain

Glass Rain Skin For PC

Glass rain is another skin which can make your boring desktop attractive. It comes with a mid-transparent background and makes things more interesting. There are no better themes in the market. Also, the icons are semi-transparent a this makes this theme cooler.

Download Glass rain

21. Toxic Alienware Rainmeter

Toxic Rainmeter-Alienware

This theme comes with excellent toxic wallpaper which matches perfectly. The date and time is on the top of the desktop. If you want cool and simple skin then the theme is made for you.

Download Toxic Rainmeter

22. Carbon and Ice ll

Carbon and Ice can really make your PC look elegant. This theme is for the ones who want a smooth look with glass ice effect color. Every widgets gives excellent look to your PC. This theme makes everything customizable from head to toe.

Download Carbon Rainmeter

23. Magic Skins

Magic Skins Rainmeter

This skin gives really amazing skin for the game lovers so that you can customize the games icon.In this team you can customize everything from Photoshop to Alan everything and if you want to add anything you can.

Download Magic Skins

24. Proteus Chroma

Proteus Chroma Skin 2018

This rainmeter offers an excellent minimalist skin and also allows customizing UI. And if you are searching for a unique skin then Proteus has already won your heart.

Proteus Chroma Download

25. MonoBar

MonoBar Rainmeter Skin

MonoBar rainmeter can create up to 6-7 customizable shortcut menu. The background matches with moon bar. This theme is very much responsive. This makes Monobar so unique.

Monobar Skin Download

26. Central Computer core 10

Central Computer core 10 Theme Skin

If you want a customizable rainmeter then computer core 10 is what you should go for.It also allows to create and link pathways in one place. This is the most customizable skin, from Gmail to time everything is customizable in this theme.

Central Computer Core 10 Download

27. Beta clock

Beta Clock Rainmeter

The beta clock is the best and simple rainmeter, this theme gives you a clean look and maybe you are looking for this type of theme.

Download Beta Clock

Best Rainmeter Skin Reddit

Reddit is the best market for any information and you will find the solution. In that, there is a forum where people discuss different rain meter skins. You can visit there to get more skins.

How to install rainmeter themes?

  • To easy install rainmeter themes, you firstly need windows 7 or higher OS.
  • After downloading just install it on your PC.
  • Paste the downloaded zip files in the rain meter skins folder.
  • And that’s how rain meter will be installed successfully.


And we are sure you have read the article and got to about what rainmeter is how to apply and use it. We had listed all the best and top rainmeter skins 2018 with download links, so that you can make your PC completely different. We have also provided the links so that it is easier to download and apply. And we really hope you are happy seeing the content which we have shared with you.

Additionally, keep in mind that every theme runs differently on different OS. We will surely update the themes so that it is very easier for you to find out new things. Keep visiting the website for more updates and like this if you genuinely liked the themes.

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