Clash Royale Private Server By Master Royale – Download 2018

Master Royale – Clash Royale Private server

Master Royale is a Clash royale private server. I would like to make sure that it is not an official server for clash royale. But you would be having a best experience in playing Master Royale Private server as you will be provided with Unlimited Gold and Unlimited Gems without any cost. using this you can level up a bit faster.

These are private servers are hosted on a virtual Dedicated server and can get withstand lots of players. These servers are very powerful and can provide lag less gaming experience. Some of the gaming freaks even host a Virtual private network From a Internet Hosting Service.

With Master Royale Private Server you can get Following Features.

  • MODS
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Gold
  • All Cards will be Unlocked
  • PVP
  • New Events


Master Royale recently released its newer version, and the best part of this version is that you don’t need any modifications to play which means it seems like you are playing and experiencing the the original version of clash Royale.

Master Royale Features :

The newer Version of Master Royales includes tons of Features following them given below

  • You can now perform friendly battles in clan.
  • Minor Battles are added.
  • Touchdown is added.
  • Online Battles are improved, You can now play player vs player (p vs p) and 2 vs 2 battles.
  • Commands are Re worked.
  • Server stability is improved.

How to Install Master Royale Private Server

  1. Follow my simple steps and get the game on to your mobile.
  2. First Step is to Download the Master Royale Private Server Apk file , Download it.
  3. The Downloaded file will be in .zip format, Unzip the File using any tool u wish, You can download any tool using the Google.
  4. Unzip and Extract the file on to your mobiles file manger.
  5. Open the extracted Apk file.
  6. Sometimes when you install any file rather than play store, a pop up will appear and It may prompt you to Enable Installation from unknown sources.
  7. To Enable it, Goto Settings > Security > Scroll down and locate “Install from Unknown Sources” > Enable it .
  8. Any how after installation you can disable it later.
  9. After Enabling, Again Open the downloaded file , Click on Install.
  10. Wait for the file to finish installation.
  11. After Installation you will get a message that Installation is Completed.
  12. Then Close it . Search the Installed file in the browser menu, Open it.

TroubleShooting the Error:

Many people started facing errors and it is common, Some of the solutions are discussed below.

App not Installed

It is the most common error while installing the app, The reason may be that you are using Outdated Operating System or App. The solution for this problem is to Make sure your Version of os and app are up to date.

Here you can download

  1. Clash Of Magic Private Servers
  2. Clash Of Lights Private Servers
  3. Clash Of Phoenix Private Servers

Best Clash Royale Private servers for Android & iOS 

Clash Royale, a strategical Android and iOS game, Where you can fight against enemies kingdom and destroy the towers, you cannot able to know how good the game is without playing it. So, Download it here and have fun.Inface Clash Royale Private Server is shortly called as cr private server.

There are many advantage of having a private server as it will and makes him modified according to players interest and makes them easier to upgrade to higher levels.



Searching for Clash Royale Private Server ? There are lots of website out there stating that they have real working clash royale servers, but Most of them are fake and wont work and they are just to drag your attention.

But now you have came to correct portal. i have provided some working clash royale private servers down below. These private servers will work for both Android and iOS versions too.

The other advantages of private servers are they are hosted to a Virtual Dedicated server which can withstand  lots of players, Some people even hosts a Virtual Private Network from a Internet Hosting Service. These Powerful Servers Provide a Lag Free gaming experience for sure.

Getting on to a Private Server sometimes makes u feel exciting as you will be having Unlimited Gems and Coins, All of tour cards  will be unlocked and you can have new events

Server Privato Clash Royale

Here below, I’m gone show you How to Install private servers for Clash Royale on to your Android and iOS devices

Before getting on to the installation, I want to make sure that your Android device is rooted. It might not work for iOS. I cannot make sure about Server Privato Clash Royale.

Install Master Royale Private Server for Clash Royale 

To install Master Royale – private server for clash royale, Follow my simple steps and you will have a private server.

  1. Start with downloading the Master Royale private server’s Apk file.
  2. After Downloading, The file wil be in .zip format, Extract it to your mobile using any zip extractor.
  3. extract it to your mobile device memory.
  4. Open the Apk file.
  5. It may prompt you to enable installation from unknown sources, Enable it.
  6. To Enable it . Go to Settings > Security > Install from unknown sources > (Enable it)
  7. Wait until the file installs successfully.
  8.  After installing, Open the game file and you will be in a Private server.
  9. Enjoy !!

Install FHX Clash Royale on Android

  1. Firstly download the Clash Royale FHX apk from the link given below.
  2. Wait for the file to download completely.
  3. Install and open the file. Allow the Root Permissions after opening it.
  4. Now the Clash Royale android game Opens up through this app and the loading screen changes.

The above method is for the Android devices which are rooted.

Modded Clash Royale : No Root Required.

Don’t worry if you device isn’t rooted, There is an alternate method available for non rooted device to install a private server.

  1. From the given link, Download the Clash Royale Modded Apk
  2. Install the Game and Open it.
  3. It will Automatically Redirect you to the Private server Of Clash Royale automatically rather than the Official Server.


Clash Royale Private Server for iOS ( Jailbreak Required)

This method does require to jailbreak your Iphone. as you have to install the Cydia

Follow my below simple steps.

  1. Start Cydia.
  2. Go to Sources and click on edit.
  3. select Add
  4. Enter the Link — and select Add source.
  5. search and locate XmodGames.
  6. Install it.
  7. Open it and look for Clash Royale.
  8. An then Download the Modded file.
  9. You can get the file directly here Download XModGames for iOS (.ipa)
  10. Enjoy the game !!

Clash Royale Private server for Ios :No Jailbreak

This method does not require jailbreak to install. I am Not sure that this method will work or may not work.

To Install this clash royale Private server on to your mobile You need an special UPD port to connect  and if your connection is protected by firewall then you wont be able to install it. be aware that you have an Real ip connection to make it work.

Follow my below steps and you can install Private Server for iOS without Jailbreak.

  1. Open up Settings.
  2. Go to Wifi Options.
  3. Keep this as following in your Primary DNS.
  4. Asia:
  5. Europe:
  6. USA:
  7. After saving these changes, Open the game, wait until it loads Completely for about 10 seconds.Conclusion:

We have discussed about the Downloading and Installing the Clash Royale Private Servers for android and ios devices both root-no and root methods and jailbreak and non jailbreak methods and Master Royale Private server for Clash royale game each and every step clearly,  If you guys still face any Issues regarding the download or installing the game, Please let us know via comment section below and we will try to come up with the solution as soon as possible.

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