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Before knowing much about Condition Overload you need to know about its game Warframe. Warframe is a video game developed by Digital Extremes for Xbox one, Play Station 4 and Microsoft Windows and it is a free to play cooperative third person shooter. The main concept of warframe is the players in the game manage the members of the Tenno, Tenno is an ancient warriors race where these people are in cryosleep from centuries and they will be awoken to find themselves at war with variety of factions.

Coming to our topic Condition Overload,  actually it is a melee mod that gives extra damage based on the  target affected currently by the different kind of status effect.

condition overload mod

Condition Overload Mod

The extra damage gained by the Condition Overload mod is multiplicatively appended to your melee damage.

It could be explained as below:

Total Damage =1.6n * Damage of Modded ( where n equals to the number of status procs currently affecting the enemy)

Void, Viral, Radiation, Magnetic, Corrosive, Blast, Toxin, Heat, Electricity, Cold, Slash, Puncture and Impact procs all apply to Condition Overload mod with nearly 450.36x total possible damage multiplier.

Condition overload warframe have Blase procs made up of 2 different status effect components – The normal status effect is on recovering victims which is shown by the icon and the other one is Knockdown status effect which is not described – that could stack for extra increased damage around 720.58x.

The destruction increase from the kncokdown lingers for a short period of time  which is little more than the one of the described icon.

The bonus damage is not applied to a strike which inflicted a new status effect; which means if a melee strike inflicts the first status impact onto a target, then this strike’s damage (including its status effect and every DoT tick until the duration ends) will not be amplified by 1 ) 6x. Only following strikes will be increased. Consequently , if a focus on already dies from the first strike that inflicts a status effect then Condition Overload is not of any use; it only is if the prospective survives this first hit.

You cannot gain additional bonus damage by putting multiple instances of the same status effect. Intended for example, multiple cases of Reduce or Toxin status results the same thing.

condition overload warframe

Important Points

  • To achieve a higher amount of distinct status procs, it is preferred to use melee weapons that highlight high attack quickness with high base status chance and IPS like the Lesion or Glaive Perfect. To reach a big amount of distinctive status procs for ranged weapons, it is preferred to use weapons that feature high fire rate or AoE with very high elemental position, such as Pox or Staticor.
  • It’s also smart to use it when working any Warframe that can also inflict position, such as  Equinox, volt, Ember, or Saryn.
  • Using with the Artax Sentinel weapon is advised, since it has a guaranteed Cold b Cold proc which not only provides damage but also slowdowns enemies down, making them simpler to kill and chase. Since Sentinel weapons have a tendency to fall off against higher-level targets, the additional tool and harm from Artax makes up for losing in Sentinel harm
  • Using in conjunction with the Artax Sentinel weapon is advised because of its chance to provide a power price with the Arc Coil mod equipped is also recommended.
  • Since Update 20.0, Corrosive (FX and icon) procs forever linger on enemies which allows them to include bonus damage though it is  having no actual proc duration.

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How and Where to get Condition Overload?

you do obtain it from Ophelia, but it’s worth noting precisely how freaking rare it really is. It drops from specifically one enemy (the Drekar Butcher). According to the recognized drop tables, Drekar Butchers drop a mod 3% of that time period they’re killed. When a mod is normally dropped by them, there’s a 0.67% chance that the mod will be Condition Overload, for a combined potential for 0.0201%

Put simply: You have a 1-in-4,975 opportunity for any given Drekar Butcher to drop Condition Overload. Although which means you’ll typically get one for each 4,975 Butchers you kill, if you want with an 80% chance you will have to kill closer to 8,000.

If 20% of enemies that spawn are Drekar Butchers (which appears high, but I’m not specific on spawn rates) that means you are looking at 40,000 murders to get what you would like.

All this to state: Condition Overload is a mod that can certainly be worth buying, particularly if you regularly purchase plat or don’t look for farming it to end up being that obnoxious.

Best Saryn Build in Warframe: Condition Overload Goddess

We just want to  share among the best build for saryn in warframe, The Condition Overload Goddess. It’s actually a very simple to construct it: You merely have  huge duration for saryn, plus some power strength so that you can use her Toxic Lash and spore effectively. In this way, we are easily able to proc viral and toxin frequently to the enemies fairly, and as well as increase the harm dealt to them by making use of the Condition Overload mod, which we would equipped on our melee weapon.

In conditions of survivability, we would rely on her regenerative molt augment and the life strike mod.

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