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It is always advised to know about the company details and the benefits it offers to the employees before you start working with that company. With this article you will get all the details about CVS learnet and the associated benefits you can avail as an employee.

About CVS learnet :

CVS often known as CVS Health Corporation is an American retail pharmacy and health care company. It was earlier known as CVS Corporation or CVS Caremark Corporation. Then it got renamed  as
CVSHealth. It is headquartered in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. The company began in 1964. It is a reputed pharmavy and drug chain in United States of America.

What is CVS learnet portal?

CVS learnet portal is a portal used by the employees of CVS. To manage huge number of employees, CVS learnet developed this portal. This portal is used for CVS operating guidelines, HR policies and so on. CVS training scheme is also accessible online through this website along with other CVS delegated management services. The main aim of this portal is to provide standardized and continuous training scheme for all its workers.

Pre-requisites for CVS learnet Employees Login Portal:

To start with CVS learnet portal, make sure you are ready with the below items.

Registration process:

Before logging into the portal, you need to register in CVS learnet department. They will give you the registration code. Select Register Now option available in the website. Enter your registration code. Verify your identity, get your User ID and password, select your security questions, enter your contact information, and enter your activation code. Review the information and complete the registration process. After visiting the CVS Learnet portal for the first time, you can spare a few seconds to bookmark it. Thereafter you can use the bookmark whenever you wish to access the portal.

CVS learnet Login Credentials:

First go to CVS learnet HR department or administration department. Get CVS learnet User ID as well as CVS learnet Password. The user id is a seven digit Employee ID received from the HR department. Make sure you remember correct user ID and password. If you have not received the registration code, contact CVS learnet administration department.

Strong Internet Access:

This portal is an online portal. Make sure that your laptop, PC or mobile has strong, stable and fast internet connectivity.

Electronic device:

An electronic device such as laptop, PC, mobile or tablet is required to access the website. Browsers such as Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox needs to be there on the system.

Language :

This website is available in two languages spanish and English. You can choose the language of your choice. So basic understanding of Spanish or English is necessary to access this website.

Steps to login into the CVS learnet portal:

  • Enter the URL in your browser.
  • Give the User ID in the User ID text box.
  • Enter the registration code in the Account activation page.
  • A form for personal details will open on the screen. Enter your personal details.
  • You will receive the User ID and password at the end of this section.
  • After getting the User ID and password, enter into the login page.
  • Give the User ID and password.
  • Home page of CVS learnet will appear on the screen.

Troubleshooting while logging in CVS learnet portal:

At times, you may face difficulties while logging into the CVS learnet portal. In such cases, follow the below steps for troubleshooting the issue.

  • Make sure that the logged in URL is correct.
  • Clear your history and cookies under security tab of your browser.
  • Try to switch the browser and try to login into the URL.
  • Try to login using other device such as mobile, laptop or tablet.
  • Check whether you are using JavaScript enabled browser.
  • Check whether the User id and password are correct.
  • If you face issues while entering your correct user ID and password which you have received from the Admin department, then try to reset your password from the CVS learnet login page. Be aware about phishing.
  • During every next log on attempt, you need to identify yourself. You will be required to receive an activation code. Enter the activation code and answer your security questions.
  • You need to very careful while logging into the portal. The account will get locked on third unsuccessful attempt. You need to contact Administration department in case of account lock out issue.

cvs  learnet

CVS mobile app:

VS learmet website can be accessible via CVS mobile app as well. You can download the app from playstore and use it. Follow the below steps to get the CVS mobile app.

1. Login into the playstore in mobile.
2. Type “CVS Learnet” in the search box and click search.
3. Click the install option available on the screen.
4. Once the app is installed, you will be able to access it easily.

You can use this mobile app in the same way how you will be using the CVS website. This app is very useful that makes the users to access the portal any time any where without anyone’s help. You can access the app for CVS operating guidelines, HR policies and so on. CVS training scheme is also accessible online through this app along with other CVS delegated management services. You can check the training scheme for workers in the same way as using the website.

cvs  learnet

How to Contact CVS learnet Administration department:

CVS learnet offers customer service through their Customer Service Center. You can connect them by calling the below Customer Care Line numbers. Windows users can contact the IT service desk using the number 1-855-280-4872. Store users can contact the Retail Store Support using the number 866-528-7272. Customer care professionals will help you with the answers for all the queries. You can get answers for the Administrator related queries using the customer care number.

You can connect with CVS learnet using online platforms such as Google plus, Linked In and twitter. To know more about the company visit the official site

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