Top 10 best fake iphone text generators tools online

Are you  finding the best fake text generators for your I phone then we are happy to let you know that you have come at right place where we have mentioned some excellent websites which will give you facility to create awesome fake text conversation screenshot and you can use in many ways like playing pranks with your friends and fooling them which is quite enjoying.

Majority of people use social sites on a daily basis like Facebook, Twitter, etc and every human being are connected to technology and you can’t miss the fun of pranking with your friends, sounds devilish right?

Top 10 best fake iphone text generators

So here are your weapons you need to fire on your friend ends –

  1. IOS 7 text generator

IOS 7 text generator

This is the best of I phone text generator tool available online all need to do is visit the website and you will see a virtual I phone 7 and on the left hand, you will see the settings it’s very easy as well as cool.

So let’s see exactly how to create a fake I phone text.

  • Click on the settings on the left side
  • Fill required details like phone number, name etc
  • Now you will see two screen option

Extend I phone size or use the recommended size

  • Click on the battery icon and select the percentage
  • Select your connectivity like 4g, wifi,3g
  • Choose the color or upload a pic
  • Done you are ready to start the game.
  1. IOSFoxsash


In any case, if you liked the previous one then you will surely love this one, this also the best phone generator tool online the best thing is you can add emoji directly.

  • Open the website and click on settings
  • Add color to your chat screen
  • The final step is to type the message you want and hit the add button
  • All done now you can create a fake screen to prank with your friends.
  1. Fakeiphonetext


This is another excellent tool for generating I phone text simple user interface and also easy to use.

Let’s see how to do it

  • Visit the mentioned website
  • Click on the left side to find settings
  • Adjust battery lines
  • Choose the receiver and sender message and add the message
  • Select the operator name, clock, connection
  • And you are ready to use fake iPhone text
  • Send your image to friends and family to laugh

Also, you can add fake Pokémon generator, snapchat, IOS 7, and many more to have fun.

  1. Iphonesmsgenerator

It is another great website to generate iPhone text, it very easy to use and simple too.

Let’s see how to generate

  • Go to the website
  • Select your language
  • Enter name
  • Enter the time
  • Select network
  • Enter message
  • Add messages if you want
  • Done
  1. Ifake conversation

Ifake conversation

This is also a good iPhone text message generator tool online so that you can easily create fake text message in seconds.

So without wasting time Let’s do it then

  • Visit website
  • Enter name and color
  • Click on battery and choose network signals
  • Hit settings to set time, switch on Bluetooth, clock, DND etc
  • Lastly, click on finish and you are done to create an image
  • Now it’s ready to be sent to your friends or family.



This is another good tool for creating fake screenshot iPhone you just have to fill the details and then visit the tool you will see a virtual iPhone and also blank fields.

  • Just fill with your contact name which you Wat to see on the screenshot and after that fill the career details LTE, volte, 3g.
  • Enter the time for the screenshot
  • Enter the message and select it’s a recipient or sender.
  • Add messages if you want to
  • After completing hit on submit button
  • Congratulations your screenshot is ready.



This is another simple text generator tool online you just have to put the message and the screenshot is ready to use.

Without wasting time let’s do this evil work

  • Visit the tool
  • Enter contact
  • Select network type
  • Add messages to the conversation
  • Change battery icons according to your likings
  • Hit the submit and create an image
  • Time to play with it


This is also a great tool to generate text generators having tons of options to create a fake screenshot, meme, also photo effects and is also easy to generate fake iPhone text online just visit the mentioned website and you are ready to create a fake iPhone screenshot and have fun with friends and family.


No doubt it is a great online generator and easy to generate facility just visit the website and add basic information to fill the blank fields, just add text to add text more now select whether it will be a receiver or sent message. After completing click on download and it will be saved in your internal storage making it the best fake iPhone text message generator online also you can share the screenshot directly on social media.


This is one more iPhone  8 text generator just visit the website or available tool and you will see the settings and blank fields like battery percentage, network type, clock with the message and hit the download button and then you are ready to share it on social media or to your family to fool them and have fun.


So guys are was the full list of all iPhone text generators we hope it surely helped you and had fun with it you just need to pick up the perfect gun and fire it on WhatsApp/Facebook.

You can create awesome fake screens to add the twist to your movie and make them angry and then the real WWE starts.

After pranking your buddies please don’t forget to share the excellent fake text generators and to your family members and also share the experience and devil idea with us in the comments section below.

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