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Media Access Control (MAC) Address is a unique numeric identity given to a device by the manufacturer for Ethernet and Wi Fi. Mac Address Scanner is the free tool to remotely sweep and discover MAC Address of all frameworks on your nearby system. It enables you to filter either a solitary host or scope of hosts at once. Also, it shows the present status for each host. Note that you can discover MAC address for all frameworks inside your subnet as it were. For all others, you will see the MAC address of the Gateway or Router.

Search Mac Address Location

Any network could have a variety of switches that again could pass through various VLANs across them. Now any said device that needed to be tracked; whether a laptop or a PC, might be connected to who knows what switch in some building. As we already have the Mac Address here then searching the location is easier if you are connected on a network. Well, if you are not on a connected device the situation turn cumbersome here. The only way out in that case is that you have to get to a gateway device where the device is connected. Even getting to the gateway device is not possible then the work will become more tedious as you need to put extra effort to speak to people and do some research to find out the link.

However, we are assuming here that we are on a connected device with a Mac Address and we are using a CISCO gear. Mostly a layer 3 switch is much the same as a router in most ways and if  you are already on the layer 3 then you are good to go.

You need to write command like this:

show mac address-table address 000c.3ce3.5436

As you press enter you will get a detailed outcome regarding the device. Your Switch is now known to the Mac Address of the device we are tracking. You will get that switch now dynamically learns the device that means the device was recently been talking and the information regarding the port and line card will appear in the result.

Now we will get to the configuration: Write a command like

Show run interface Gi3/1

The command should give you the more elaborated information regarding the particular port we got about from our previous commands. The details like; the device is cabled to some server and also the name and address of the owner of the server. So you now have the name and address of the server owner and from there it is simple to get to the address of the device.

In case you are using Wifi connection, then continue with the same procedure until you reach a switch port which connects to the access point where the said device is currently connected or was recently seen connected. Most likely you can log into the access point and get all the information regarding the device or else you can definitely get that device disconnected to the aforesaid wifi. Now this will be a trap for the device when it complains that there is connection failure. I that particular time you can track the complete details of the device and its owner.

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