Best GPS for Truckers

If you does not have GPS for truckers , then it is the time to get one. In this industrialized modern world, GPS is the basic technology that is being used in all the smart devices including phones, tablets etc. Trucks are not exceptional in that case. Vehicle owners use GPS systems for long travel. There are many differences between the devices used for automotive owners or the devices used for commercial purposes. Trucks have navigation challenges that can be effectively handled using GPS devices. This article gives you insights and reviews about the characteristics the GPS for truckers should possess an about the best GPS devices for truckers that are available in the market.

GPS for Truckers

Characteristics of refurbished GPS For trucker:

1. Detailed Mapping:

The GPS should provide optimal routes after entering the starting and destination details. GPS devices provides drivers that are used to zoom the street in 3D view. Mapping feature also allows one to get verbal inputs for street names and turn by turn directions. Some systems may also have re routing system that will help the driver when he/she missed the route. The GPS app will also provide estimated fuel cost for the journey.

2. Traffic Alerts:

Navigating systems in the GPS systems continually update about the traffic in the area, construction sites, detours and other delays. It will also give information such as toll road sites and costs. Devices are designed in a way that it will provide information about current and future weather reports as well.

3. Driver assist features:

GPS systems for commercial truckers provide guides that provide truck related point of interest. The guide provides details such as repair and towing services, weigh stations, hotels and other data. A simple “where am I?” question will provide you the GPS co ordinates along with information such as law enforcement agencies , health care facilities and other emergency related details.

4. Conservation of fuel:

GPS services provides fuel stops location and the cost of fuel at each destinations. This helps the driver to know the cost effective fuel stops. It alerts the driver when speed increases and track the routine speed of the vehicle. GPS  systems will also help to monitor unnecessary truck travels or any route deviations.

5. Fleet management:

GPS systems will provide effective fleet management of vehicles. Using this, the owner can track the location of the vehicle, it’s start and stop time and so on. This will help managers to enhance the customer service.

6. Safety features:

GPS devices provides extensive features for the safety of the vehicles. It maintains 24 hours a day service which will help to find unauthorized use of vehicle or in case of theft. The GPS app gives the live location of the truck which helps the owners in monitoring purpose.

7. Versatility:

GPS units comes in different colours and sizes. UI screens are also available and the size varies from four to eight inches. These devices can be installed easily with in the view of the driver. Some system also provides options for drivers to update tips on individual maps.

8. Built in Dash cam:

GPS truck does not need the built in Dash cam feature necessarily. But this additional feature needs to considered as well which has the following  benefits. The recorded visuals from this Dash cam can be used as a legal evidence to protect any one in case of accidents. Sometimes rare footage can be recorded and it can go viral on social media.

9. Research about the GPS devices:

Before investing on the GPS Devices, research about it and find the best GPS devices that meets your needs.

The best GPS devices for truckers and its reviews are as follows. Read it and decide the one which fulfills your requirements such as vehicle size and features.

Best GPS for Truckers:

1. Garmin dezl 780 LMT-S:

Garmin provides high end products to the trucking industry. If you are searching for a robust GPS navigator with more features, then Garmin is the best commercial option available in the market. Garmin dezl 780 LMT-S provides best truck routing which is the first criteria for any GPS device for truckers. It provides the paths or routes that you have to take and you do not have to take. It will also alert you when height clearance is needed on the driving road. The best part of Garmin is you just need to update the weight and physical dimension of your truck. Then Garmin will take care of everything about your vehicle. One of the essential features that your GPS devices has to posses is the back up of all the information related to your vehicle’s current and past journeys.

Garmin provides a full suite service which provides extended connectivity. The only thing is you need to use Garmin eLog ELD. The attractive feature one should think about GPS in trucks is Hands free feature. Garmin dēzl 780 LMT-S provides Bluetooth connectivity and serves as a mediator between loud speakers and the microphone. This helps to make and receive calls through GPS navigator with out the use of any other separate devices for this purpose. Garmin has 7 inch screen which is better when compared to any other GPS devices. Built in dash cam is available along with added features such as lane departures and forward collision warnings. Overall Garmin can act as your co pilot or companion in your travel and will provide good features that will make your work easy.


2. Rand McNally OverDryve 7 :

Rand McNally OverDryve 7  provides a tablet like device that act as a functional dashboard for drivers. With the help of mapping capability, Rand McNally OverDryve 7 provides entertainment and internet connectivity. The 7 inch LCD screen provides high resolution. It has 2 GB of operating system and 32 GB of data storage. It also has 16 GB micro SD slot with which you can add additional software.

Rand McNally OverDryve 7  provides plenty of space for library of music which you can listen while driving. You can connect the device in your vehicle socket and use it. It is a portable device so you can take it with you wherever you go. It has all the features that the GPS devices for truckers should have such as adjusting routes, alerts, warnings and so on. The unit comes with a built in 8 megapixel dash cam. The best features includes faster GPS positioning, detailed 3D graphics, turn by turn directions and touch screen features. This device has lot of features packed into a small kit. It is one of The best versatile device one can choose for their vehicle.

GPS for Truckers

3. TomTom Trucker 600:

TomTom Trucker 600 is otherwise called as best budget truck GPS. This GPS  app is used widely in Egypt and cracked the US truck navigation market after its arrival. It has a 6 inch screen which can be paired with smart phones to enable the traffic function. Traffic function will work even without pairing with smart phones. But it is worth connecting with phones. TomTom has myDrive app that allows to plan a route on your home computer. Once you send this route to your phone and start the truck, it will automatically download the route to GPS. Like Garmin and Rand, TomTom has customized tracking system to track the routes. This GPS for commercial trucks easily switches between van, truck,auto and bus modes.

GPS for Truckers

4. Rand McNally TND730 IntelliRoute GPS Truck Navigator :

This is one of the best GPS for commercial trucks. Rand McNally TND730 has fast processor that calculates the routes in a quick manner. It provides fast screen to screen transitions, location searches and route comparisons.
Rand McNally TND730 helps truckers in each phase of driving. This best GPS truck app has 7 inch HD touch screen and it is compatible with back camera. The TND730 intelliRoute has a feature called RoadWork. This will help you to analyse the real time construction work that is happening on the route the driver has given to the GPS app. This overcome the delays caused due to unavoidable situations. This TND730 intelliRoute truck GPS app helps to find the toll costs, rest

areas, eateries, service centers etc. One of the key feature of this truck GPS app is it has a fast , quad core processor which makes it faster than its previous generations TND720LM. This GPS for trucker is very fast in plotting routes and processing the information fed into it.

GPS for Truckers

5. Cobra 8500 HD GPS for truck:

Cobra truck GPS is designed for professional drivers. This GPS devices is 1 inch thick, 7.2 inches wide and 4.6 inches tall. The device has a 7 inch HD display which provides best screen quality. It has an internal battery which can be charged by 12 volt charger that comes along with the GPS unit. This GPS device provides mapping details which is easy to read. Conbra GPS app come along with zoom functionality that is helpful to find even the small streets and roads.

Like other GPS devices for truckers, Cobra provides routing features that helps the drivers to locate their routes. The routes can be selected by address, point of intersection or by using  co-ordinates. Other GPS features like construction, weather and traffic alert is also available in Cobra GPS app. Frequently used routes can be added to the favorite list and can be accessed easily. The kit comes with Wi-Fi feature. Full back up of the system can be taken. Cobra GPS is moderate in terms of cost which is a boon to any commercial driver. Its light weight and comparative feature along  with affordable price attracts drivers.



6. Garmin dezl 560LMT :

This GPS for truck is widely used in countries like America, Canada and Mexico. It is easy to use, customizable and accurate. Garmin dezl 560LMT has 5 inch easy to read screen. Garmin uses wide screen technology which displays the screen in 480 pixels x 272 pixels with which even the smallest details can be read clearly. On screen menus and buttons makes it easy to use the device functionality. Garmin provides smart route technology. The driver will be prompted to fill in the details about the truck like height, weight, width and load capacity.

The driver can set the GPS app as per his requirements such as finding quick route, avoiding toll gates or high ways etc. If the same record exists in the GPS app for several times, then Garmin uses myTrends technology which uses past driving data and adjust the route according to it. The GPS app comes with a USB cable that can be used to add music, pictures or videos to the GPS device. Wind shield suction cup or screen protector needs to be purchased seperately as it will not come along with the kit. Bluetooth and zoom display functionality is not available in this truck GPS app which disappoints the people who look for these features.

GPS for Truckers

7. TruckWay GPS :

TruckWay GPS model 720 is widely used in North America. This GPS for commercial trucks has efficient mapping system which provides 3D and 2D maps. Routing is the efficient feature that is used for truck driving which is available in this GPS device. . The height, width and weight of the truck will be taken by the GPS app and these information helps to protect the truck in case of over weight. TruckWay has a 7 inch LCD touch screen that comes with High definition of 800 pixels× 480 pixels. This includes most of the features a best GPS for truck should possess such as turn by turn direction, alerts and so on.

TruckWay GPS

8. Azgiant GPS for trucker:

Azgiant is one of the best GPS for commercial truckers. It is a multipurpose GPSdevice that can be used in trucks and cars. This comes with a 7 inch HD LCD screen with high display quality. It has a RAM of 512MB and ROM of 16GB. Wi-Fi is available. This GPS device supports nearly 40 languages with front/ rear image reversing freely. This GPS device has a built in superior antenna. Spoken real directions is available which will guide you using the landmarks, buildings and traffic lights. FHD 1080P DVR provides 150 degree wide angle, driving recording , night version and G-sensor motion detection. Using NT-90 one can download anything using Google search functionality. This GPS app incorporates several apps such as FM, music, camera and so on.

Azgiant GPS

All the above GPS apps for truckers has its own best features. Choose the one that suits your requirement and make your travel easy and efficient.

Conclusion : Here we have listed the top and best gps for truckers.We will surely update more best GPS devices for truckers in the upcoming days.Also suggest if you feel any edits needed or you have some other best GPS for truckers that are to be added to the above list.

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