GTA 5 RP(Roleplay) Servers Download

GTA 5 is very famous among the gamers which has already turned 5 years but it has found a new life on twitch all thanks to GTA 5 roleplaying servers. And that’s is done playing on a secret third party server,now gamers can turn to policeman , gangster or anything exactly what you expect from iOS Santos citizens. GTA 5 roleplay mod is available for xbox one and ps4.

Before applying you should know that the servers mentioned by us are safe and they run the community through discord.

Download GTA 5 RP Servers

Best GTA V Roleplay Servers Download


One of the best elements that distinguishes eclipse RP servers from other servers is that other servers provides text communications but rp servers provides voice too. Eclipse servers provides player full control and also allows mouth movements too.It is very exciting hearing others voice too.

The supporting staff and members are also good as they always welcome new players who join them.

Players have to keep in mind the rules also as they are punished severely if they break rules. If you are new or regular GTA 5 player then eclipse RP is the best .

Even the greatest role plays get boring without right script. And that is looked up by servers by creating exciting activities by keeping players engaged.

GTA 5 Eclipse Rolepaly Server


The best part of this is that there huge number of jobs to choose.You have variety of choices from being a truck driver or cop.You can also be courier man and full fill the dream,and if you have different choice like mining,farmer or anything and that depends on you.


Do you want to replay that taxi scene from die hard 2? Or you have chosen to cure the world? Eclipse RP provides many other features that you can choose from.And all you have to figure out is what you want to choose to become?

Criminal lifestyle

There are many stores around iOS Santos. All you have to do is own turfs and you can smuggle guns and drugs. Just be alert of the cops they should not catch you.You can use the money to buy homes and have luxury life.

These are the few exciting  places  of Eclipse RP  but don’t just read it enjoy at your fullest too.

If you want a home where everybody is same like you and good server GTA 5 RP server be smart and turn up for Eclipse RP today.

Twitch GTA 5 RP servers

Twitch RP server is another third party server that’s started GTA5 RP servers.

How to apply

To apply all you have to do is click on the apply button provided below and then you are good to go.Within 2-3 days your application will be approved most probably and you will get a welcome mail from the site.

GTA 5 Twitch RP Server Download

To proceed you should have PC running GTA 5 and fivem mod.


  • Go to the site
  • Click on Download Client and download the file.
  • Copy the file to the suitable location in your PC having 650mb free space.
  • Proceed by running the server and selecting GTA 5 install directory.
  • Boom and you are good too go.


The FiveM server will install in a tune that is the required files to play twitchRP game server.

You should once open and read notepad file named “read me first” in the download file to ease installation.


  • Character selection to take out your phone and choose the character you want and also customize your features.
  • Controller support : This feature is not fully implemented it has some bugs.
  • Death : Once you die you will be in coma and then you can again respawn without money .
  • Banking : You can deposit money in atms or banks and can be redrawn from the ATM .
  • Employment : Here you can spawn outside the employment center .Many jobs like taxi and EMS can spawn job vehicles at their regular offices.

Id card – To get the Id card you have to travelled to the city hall

Jobs Info

  • Cop : Sadly cops are selected by Admins looking after your waitlist.If your weapons are snatched then you have to go to police and get it back
  • Fireman : Firemen are not added now will be added in coming updates.
  • Mail Delivery : You have to find mail offices on map.
  • Taxi driver : There are many taxi officer on the map all you have to do is go them press enter choose trucking and get ready for the job.
  • News crew : You can also be a news reporter you have to spawn at the vans on map and you cab start reporting news.
  • Ems : Here you can spawn ambulance too and start helping the needy ones . EMS messages will be available to you on the screen itself.


Before starting messaging check Local keybind from bringing the chat menu.

Additional Info

For other rules and other questions check the official TwitchRP Discord guidelines.

Conclusion : Soon there are more GTA 5 RP Servers to be listed in the above list after checking them in my pc we will add them in the above GTA 5 Roleplay Server download list.

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