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Are you a regular customer of Home Depot and visiting them often? Waiting for a chance to share your feedback? HomeDepot survey gives you the opportunity to do that along with rewards. Get rewarded for sharing your experience at their survey website. With this article, you will get to know all details about the survey website and how to complete the survey. Read the article to know more about Home depot survey, steps to do the survey, sweepstakes and other benefits.

About Home Depot :

Home Depot is an American home improvement supplies trading company. This company sells tools, construction products and services. The company was founded by Bernard Marcus, Arthur Blank, Ron Brill, and Pat Farrah in 1978. The headquarters is at Atlanta Store Support Center in unincorporated Cobb County, Georgia. It is the largest home improvement retailer in the United States of America. The company has branches around 2274 locations. It has 70 distribution centers across the United States.

What is HomeDepot survey?

To serve best services to the customers, HomeDepot get feedback from their customers using the guest satisfaction survey. This survey will help them to improve their standards and customer service. They will be able to know about customer expectations and needs. This homedepot survey is quite easy to complete. You need to spend only few minutes to complete it. It consists of set of questions related to Home Depot and their service during your last visit. This is an online Survey which can be done anytime according to your convenience. Home Depot reward their customers in the form of Home Depot sweepstakes for their valuable feedback. You can use this coupon and win prize money worth $5000 for completing the homedepot survey.


Prerequisites for completing the Home Depot Survey:

  • As this is an online survey, you need internet connection. So a PC, laptop or mobile with strong internet connectivity is required for home depot survey.
  • A purchase of any item from Home Depot is required as we need some details from the receipt to complete homedepot survey.
  • Basic understanding of English, French and Spanish language is needed in order to answer the questions for home depot survey.
  • An invitation to the survey website on the receipt is mandatory.
  • Javascript enabled browser is required to avoid issues with homedepot survey.

Home Depot appreciate their customers for giving feedback. They reward their customers with offers in the form of sweepstakes. If you are ready with the above requirements, then you can follow the below steps to complete the Home Depot survey.


Steps to complete the Home Depot Survey:

  • Visit the official survey site
  • Choose the language of your choice as English, French or Spanish.
  • Enter Home Depot’s number on the field provided for that.
  • Click Begin Survey button.
  • Enter the zip code or postal code of your residence.
  • Select next button.
  • A set of questions will appear on the screen. Go through all the questions and answer them honestly. Do not skip any questions.
  • Rate your overall satisfaction with your visit and submit the survey.
  • A progress bar will show the status of the survey.
  • Give personal details such as name, phone number and address and finish the survey.
  • You will get a call if you are selected as a lucky winner.

home depot survey

Home Depot Survey Limitations:

  • The participants should be a legal resident of United States.
  • This survey is applicable to the Home Depot stores under participation.
  • You can not avail any other offers if you are using this survey offer.
  • Any one who has relationship with Home Depot such as its employees, managers and directors and the immediate family members are not eligible.
  • Answers to all the survey questions should be objective and honest.
  • Entrants should have completed 18 years of age.
  • You should participate in the survey within 30 days of your visit to Home depot.

Home Depot Sweepstakes:

After completing the survey, you will get a chance to participate in Home Depot sweepstakes. This sweepstakes period starts from 30 April 2018 to 29 July 2018. There will be twelve drawings one for each month that begins at the beginning of every month and ends at the month end.

How to locate Home Depot Store?

You can locate your nearby Home Depot store using any of the following ways.

  • Just login into Google maps and type “Home Depot near me”. The result will give you the nearby Home Depot store along with the direction details.
  • You can locate your nearest Home Depot using the “Store finder” option available in the official website. You have to give some basic details such as city state or zip code in the search box available in the “Store finder” page. The search result will give you the nearby Home Depot store information along with the direction details.

How to contact Home Depot:

If you want to contact Home Depot , you can do that in any of the following ways.

  • Home Depot offers customer service through their Customer Service Center. You can connect them by calling the below Customer Care Line number 1-800-466-3337. Customer care professionals will help you with the answers for all the queries.
  • You can contact Home depot and share your comments and feedback to the mail address
  • Share your feedback, comments and queries at the feedback site. You have to share your personal details such as first name, last name, address, city, state, zip code, phone number and email address.
  • Connect with Home Depot using online platforms such as Google+, Twitter, PinInterest and Facebook. To know more about the company visit the official site. For any more queries related to Home Depot and its services, you can check Explore Help topics. This page will have links related to common questions on orders, services, payment, Shipping and so on.

To know more about Home Depot, visit their official survey website

What are you waiting for? Hurry up! Time is ticking away!

Reach your nearest Home Depot store, complete the survey and avail the benefits.

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