How to block websites on chrome

Google Chrome is one of the widely used browsers and yet there are certain disappointments you will find in terms of supportive features. Google Chrome is the browser which does not have an inbuilt feature to support blocking a website. This is very important when you are looking for some privacy as well as keeping a watchful eye on your children browsing habits. However, there are certain add-ons on Chrome store as well as some of other website blockers which will answer your question i.e how to block websites on chrome. Here are some of those which can be easy to use.


How To Block Websites On Chrome :

Here we will guide you with some methods to block websites on Chrome browser.

Method 1 : Go to Chrome Web store and browse the below link name of the extension is Block website which helsp us to block websites on chrome browser.

Now tap on “Add to Chrome” and further click on “add” button. Now you are ready for an installation of Add-ons. You will get an extra icon displayed on the right side of your address bar. Now, whenever you want to block any site just click on this Blocked Site icon and go to its “Setting” option. Now go to “List of Blocked sites” and paste the URL link which you want to block. Select and check “Add Page” option here and you are done. From now onwards whenever this site will be attempted to be browsed an error will occur and the page couldn’t be loaded.This is the first method to block websites on chrome.


Method 2 : There is a Beta version of Web blocker on chrome web store called Website Blocker(Beta). This you can navigate by copy paste the below URL.

Do as stated above to add up on your address bar and then follow the below steps again.

Setting> List of Blocked Site > paste the URL to be blocked > Add Page.

This is the second method to block any website on chrome browser.


Method 3 : Browse Web Nanny for blocking sites. Below is the link to be explored in Chrome Web Store

Tap on “Add to Chrome,” at that point tap on “Add” to check you need Web Nanny introduced to Chrome. The expansion will be introduced to Chrome address bar at the right side. Your Web Nanny is installed to your chrome and ready to work. Now click on the Web Nanny icon. Go to the “Options” menu and then to the “URLs” option. Now copy and paste the URL or else you may write website name. Now go to the “Save URL” icon and click it and opted site is now blocked on your Chrome.


Method 4 : StayFocusd

It is another good option to look for when you are up to block any site on chrome. Browse your chrome store and look for below URL.

Once you are at the link page go do as below to get it installed.

Add to chrome >  Add > And icon will be there on the right side of the address bar.

Now for blocking any site do as following steps.

Browse to the URL to be blocked > now click the stayfocusd icon > click “ Block this entire site”

Thus you have blocked the site you opted for.


Method 5 : There are few more Methods about Web blocking

Go to Browsers Setting > Now Block or Unblock the sites as per your wish. This way you can block the sites from a particular browsers only.

However, there are certain steps which you may follow to prevent the websites from your computer.

Yet, it can be just Blocked from a Particular program.

Go to the Your System Folder > now go to the Drivers Folder > Open Folder > Open Host file with notepad > In Notepad go to new Line Type and a website you Want To Block > Save the File site you need to Bloc.

Or, then again There are a few accessible devices on Internet Download one of Them

The following is the URL for one application called Website Blocker. You can connect with it and install to block your required sites

Likewise, there are many website blockers which you can download and install to maintain your list of sites to be blocked . This is quite easier to keep a control on your child while they browse to the internet. Blocking a website on Chrome or any other browsers is always recommended and is important as well, especially if you have multiple users of your PC.

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