How To Set An Alarm On Mac

How To Set An Alarm On Mac : Many of the common people think that setting an alarm is an easy task.Yes its true but only in normal devices but not in Mac.I’ll not say that it is difficult to set an alarm on mac but i’ll say that is is a bit different from setting an alarm in normal device.We all know that appstore is the only source for getting any apps,updates e.t.c for apple devices like iphone,ipad,mac e.t.c.Here as we are discussing about setting an alarm on mac,appstore may have many different alarm setting apps for free or paid.But they are useless in front of the default app that is already installed on your mac.

How To Set An Alarm On Mac

Don’t search for alarm app on your mac now you can’t find that directly but you can get it inside the calendar app.There you can set alarm for some important events like birthdays,meetings e.t.c. The Calendar app on mac even allows you to duplicate the alarm after a delay of 15 minute or more depending on your interest.Using this calendar app you can set alarm on different apple devices you have by linking all the devices to the same icloud account.So with this feature even if you have atleast one of the device you will get an alert.Below i will tell you how to set an alarm on mac in simple steps.

How To Set An Alarm On Mac :

Step 1 : First click the clock icon that is located on the dork on top of your desktop.Then click on the New Alarm option from the drop down menu as shown in below image.

Setting alarm on mac 2017

Step 2 : After that you will get a popup showing you Time and Alarm.First click on Time then you will get options for setting alarm time and date.

How To Set An Alarm On Mac

Step 3 : Set the time and date for alarm.Also there you will get options like One Time Alarm or Repeating Alarm.If you want one time alarm then choose it or if you want the alarm for 2 or more days in a week the choose repeating alarm and select the days you want to set the alarm for.

Step 4 : After setting the alarm time and date then click on Alarm then you will get options to set your favourite ringtone for your alarm.By default it will show the preloaded ringtones from Library that were given by the company.

Step 5 : If you want to set your own alarm ringtone then click on Library then you will get a dropdown menu for selecting the source file which you want to set as your alarm ringtone for your mac.

Step 6 : Select the default file for setting it as your alarm ringtone and put a tick mark on the Enable Alarm and click on OK.

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Follow the above simple steps and clear your doubt about How To Set An Alarm On Mac.If you are having any problem with setting alarm on your mac device then please feel free to contact us via contact us page or by commenting below in the comment section.We will reply will appropriate solutions for your queries and will definitely try our level best to solve your problems.

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