How to Use PS3 Controller on Windows 10

For all those people who love video games, Play Station 3 console is something that they are very well fond of.  It is a home video game console and has so many games to offer.  There are few game loving freaks who never get satisfied even after owning Play Station 3 console.  Though they have PS 3 at hand; they still long for games offered by Windows versions.  PS 3 Controller eliminates the use of mouse and keyboard to play the games.  It is not an appreciative reason to buy another PS controller just to play more games; instead what if PS3 controller works on Windows 10?  It would be literally an awesome thing if PS3 controller works on Windows 10.

If you are wondering if that happens, then we would say absolutely a big YES.  It does happen, but it is not just a plug-and-play game.  Though it is not that simple of a method to follow, we will help you with it.  We have provided below a simple process to use PS3 controller on your Windows 10 OS.


How to use PS3 Controller on Windows 10

To use PS3 controller on Windows 10, you will need a third-party driver on your Windows PC.  There are many drivers available in the market, but you cannot blindly go with any driver.  The best driver that enables the use of PS3 controller on Windows 10 perfectly is Motionjoy.  This driver works wonders in enabling PS3 controller on Windows 10 PC.  The driver is available for download in its official website.  You can download and install it right away from its official page.  Before installing the driver onto the Windows PC, the date on the computer must be changed back to a date from 2014.  The date is to be changed because the license of the driver was expired back in 2014 and so it wouldn’t work with the present date.

You are done with the minor step; the major step is yet to be done.  Downloading and installing Motionjoy driver on Windows 10 PC won’t do all the work.  So much needs to be done in order to use PS3 controller on Windows 10 PC.  Though the driver is installed, it won’t be compatible with any version of Windows.  So, in order to make it compatible, few settings need to be set.  The thing that needs to be done in order to make the driver work well with Windows PC is that disable the ‘driver signature enforcement’.  This will make the PS3 joystick work on Windows 10 smoothly.  To do so, follow the below steps:

  • Go to Start Menu and go to Settings
  • Go to Update and Recovery in Settings
  • Now click on ‘Recovery’ on the left
  • In the Recovery section, select ‘Advanced Startup’
  • On clicking on Advanced Startup, the computer will reboot and will show advanced start-up options
  • Now select Troubleshoot and click on ‘Advanced options’
  • Select ‘Startup’
  • This will reboot the computer again and will show startup options list.
  • In the startup options list, find ‘driver signature enforcement’ and disable it.
  • Now press the F7 key on the keyboard to reboot the computer.

The computer will restart normally.  Now, you need to connect the PS3 controller to the computer with the help of USB cable.  On connecting the PS3 controller through USB cable, a notification will be shown at the bottom of the system tray saying ‘Windows is installing the driver for the controller’.  Once the installation is done, you can see your PS3 controller in the ‘Game Controller’ section.

Even after executing this entire process, you won’t be able to use PS3 on your Windows 10 PC.  This is because the driver is not yet configured.  So, to configure PS3 here are the steps to follow.

  • Launch Motionjoy driver tool. You can find it with the name DS3-tool
  • In the tool, click on ‘Load Driver’ button.
  • You will receive a ‘Windows Security’ warning. Just ignore it and click on ‘Install this driver software anyway’
  • That’s it, it will be successfully installed on your Windows 10 PC and you will be able to use PS3 controller on it without any hassles.

This is the process to follow in order to use PS3 controller on Windows 10 PC.  Hope our article helped you in installing PS3 controller on your PC.

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