Error Fixing Guide is one of the celebrity error for kodi users.Since they are facing this issue since 3-4 months when they try to stream through popular addons like covenant addon via vshare.Am i right  ? But it is a alien word to non-kodi users.Some of the kodi users who visited our fix error article asked to post a guide on how to fix vsahre eu pair error on kodi device.Since the error is similar to error the steps to fix pair error will also be similar to olpair fixing guide with small changes.

Here I’ll post a one stop solution for error fixing on kodi by which you can easily fix pair error in matter of minutes and easy to follow and fix it.For giving you a clear view on this guide i have also included some of the images which makes you understand much better on how to perform the task and follow the vshare eu/pair guide.

As a kodi user i have also experienced this kind of error at first and i did a small research on error and got a one stop solution that i have provided below in step by step manner.

Follow the below steps to fix vshare eu pair kodi error. Kodi Error Fixing Steps

We will get 10+ links available in the servers list when we open list of streaming servers.If we choose any server from that list we can get vshare eu pair option and sometimes when you click that you will get an error called error.

1 ) At first open your kodi app and open Phoenix addon on your kodi then search for any movie and select that movie and try to stream that movie using vshare then you will get the vshare streaming error called error as in the below image.

vshare pair error stream authorization error

2 )  To fix this error goto your favourite browser and type and press ENTER..

3 ) Then when you open http:// vshare eu pair you will get a website looking like the below image.Also you’ll get your ip there.I’have hidden my ip for security purpose. pair kodi error pair stream authorization error.

4 ) There check tick mark for “I’m not a robot” and Fix the Captcha if you get and wait for green tick mark.

5 ) Then click on “Activate Streaming“.

6 ) After this you will get a popup saying that “Your Device Paired Successfully“.

7 ) Then again goto first step and try to stream the movie through vshare eu pair then you can stream the selected movie on your kodi app via vshare pair.

Finally we have completed all the steps required to solve an error called http vshare eu pair.

But sometimes this error cannot be solved by following the above steps alone then you need to follow some other steps that are given below clearly and vshare eu pairing error can be fixed without any further errors.

Fixing Error On Kodi

Follow the below steps when the above steps won’t work in your device.

1 ) At first open kodi app on your device.

2 ) Then goto Addons and click on Video Addons.

3 ) From Video Addons open any addon and click on Settings.

4 ) Now Select Playback and turn Off Hosters with Captions.

5 ) Click on Done.

Hurrah ! We have fixed vshare eu pair error and from now you will not get any errors for 4 hours after fixing the errors with above 2nd method.

The above two methods mentioned are the 100% working and unique methods tested by me and used to fix errors like error on our kodi device.Both the above methods are very easy and can be done with in matter of seconds.Repeat the method for every 4 hours as you are allowed to pair with for only 4hrs from the time of pairing.We know that 4 hours is a long time that means 240 minutes in which we can enjoy 1 or 2 lengthy movies continuously or enjoy watcing many videos.Again to pair with goto follow the first method to get 4 hours more Streaming Authorization access from site.I request you to use any ads blocker on your device since http site is overfilled with bulk ads which irritate you by showing worst ads on your screen or sometimes sends you to some worst/adult ads or sites or malicious sites which may do harm to your pc or mobile.

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