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Are you a fan of Ihop restaurant waiting for a chance to share your feedback and comments to them? You will also be rewarded for sharing your experience at their survey website. This Ihop survey is quite easy to complete. You need to spend few minutes to complete the survey. If you are searching for the details related to Ihop and it’s survey, then you are at the correct place. This article will provide you all the details regarding Ihop survey and the steps to complete it.

What is Ihop customer service survey?

Ihop customer survey is a questionnaire used by the Ihop company to track the customer needs and expectations. The questionnaire basically consist of questions related to ihop menus, customer services, delivery and other related things. The company use this survey to improve their quality of service and customer satisfaction.


About ihop:

Ihop is referred as international house of pancakes. It is an American multinational cake house restaurant / Diner style restaurant which is specialised in serving breakfast. While Ihop focuses on breakfast, it also serves lunch and dinner items. The company spreads around 1650 locations in North America, Latin America, southeast Asian, middle East and Oceania. Ihop works around 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Some other Ihop restaurant operates at different timings. Ihop headquarters is at Glendale, California. Ihop customer survey is used by Ihop company to improve their standards and customer services.  It is one of the restaurants working on Christmas day and offers Christmas hours.


Prerequisites for Ihop satisfaction survey:

  1. As this is an online survey, you need internet connection. A PC, laptop or mobile with strong internet connectivity is required for this survey.
  2. A purchase of any recent item from Ihop is required as we need receipt to complete the survey.
  3. Basic understanding of English or Spanish language is needed in order to answer the questions for the survey.
  4. An invitation to the survey website on the receipt is mandatory.
  5. Check the privacy policy before starting with the survey.

Ihop appreciate their customers for giving feedback. They reward their customers with Ihop coupons. You can redeem the coupon at any participating restaurants. Once you are ready with all the above prerequisites, you can follow the below simple steps to complete the survey.


Steps to complete Ihop survey:

  • Login into the official website for survey https://talktoihop.com/.
  • Choose the language of your choice as English or Spanish.
  • Check the coupon code which is printed on your receipt and give it in the boxes provided in the website.
  • Some details such as number, date and time is required to complete the survey which you can get from the receipt.
  • Click start button to start the survey.
  • A set of questions will appear on the screen. These questions will be related to your recent visit and experience in Ihop which will help Ihop to improve their services and standards.
  • Answer all the questions honestly and give your feedback.
  • Answer all the questions honestly.
  • Progress bar will be there which shows the status of the survey.
  • Choose “yes” or “No” on the confirmation popup according to your willingness to answer additional questions.
  • Click Submit button to submit the survey.
  • Validation code will get generated at the end of the survey.
  • Note down the validation code on your receipt. Do not forget to write the code. Once the page is closed, you can not retrieve the code again.


Ihop Customer Satisfaction Survey Rules:

  • The offer should be redeemed within 3 days of purchase. The validation code will get expired after 3 days and you can not use it again. so login to tellihop within 3 days of purchase.
  • Coupon should not be redeemed with any other offers.
  • Coupon cannot be changed for cash and it can be used only once.
  • You should have to visit the Ihop store where you have originaly received the receipt in order to redeem it and you can not redeem it in any other outlets.
  • You must have completed 18 years of age.
  • Any one who has relationship with Ihop such as its employees, managers and directors and the immediate family members are exempted to take part in this survey.

ihop survey

Ihop hours of operation:

Different Ihop restaurants operate at different timings. Their normal timing ranges from 6.30 AM to 10.00 PM. While Some stores operates at short timings. To make sure you don’t miss the chance to visit Ihop restaurant, check their operating time by calling them at their contact number.

How to locate the Ihop restaurant?

You can locate your nearby whataburger restaurant using the following ways.

  • Just login into Google maps and type “Ihop restaurant near me”. The result will give you the nearby restaurant along with the direction details.
  • You can locate your nearest Ihop restaurant using the store locator option available in the official website.
  • You have to give some basic details such as city state or zip code in the search box available in the store locator. The search result will give you the nearby Ihop restaurants along with the direction details.

How to contact Ihop Restaurant?

If you have any questions related to Ihop, then you can reach them by using any of the following ways.

By Email:

You can share your comments and feedback to Ihop by contacting them on the contact page available in the official website. Fill up the contact form before proceeding with the feedback.

By phone:

You can reach Ihop customer service on their customer service number  866-444-5144. The customer care professionals will be available all the time to answer all your queries.

By Mail:

You can reach Ihop and share your feedback and comments to them by dropping a letter to the following address.
450 North Brand Boulevard,
Glendale, CA 91203.

By Internet:

You can reach Ihop on internet by logging into their official sites on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr and Vine.

What are you waiting for? Go to your nearest Ihop restaurant. Start Ihop today and avail the offers.

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