IPA Library for iOS and Android – Apps, Solutions and Alternatives

What is IPA Library

IPA Library is just kind of a Black market store for IOS and Android users Where you can download and enjoy premium iOS apps for free, All the apps available in this IPA Library are not official, So this in not signed by the Apple authorities as all the apps present here are modified but many of the iOS users are interested in these modded apps  and are going for IPA Library iOS app as it is loaded with many features.

In our previous article we have discussed about  the Openappmkt and Cydia which are related to IPA Library but you can install web apps without jail breaking. You can have a look at it if you are interested.

Below, in this article, it is clearly explained on how to download and install IPA Library on your iOS and Android devices.

IPA Library App Download

Solution for IPA Library crashing and alternatives for IPA Library are discussed below.

Downloading and Installing IPA Library on iOS :

Downloading IPA Library can be done in 3 different ways , One way for android & Two different ways for IOS

This is an Advanced method, yet easier to do, Have a look at it below .

1. Open the Safari browser and visit the Link posted beside [ link ]

IPA Library Download For IOS

2. You will be redirected to IPA information page , where will be asked to Install, Install it.

3. It opens up your settings app, Tap on Install profile option and install it.

4. Again Open your Safari browser and it will ask you to enter passcode, enter it.

5. Then install IPA library by clicking on the install option.

6. Again settings gonna pop up , click on Install then Next and finally Done.

7. IPA Library will start installing the app, wait for it to install completely.

IPA Library For iOS

If anything goes wrong , repeat through the same process once again and it will solve it.

Installing IPA library on Android Devices

Android users have much superior access over their stock OS than the iOS users, But they cannot download and install IPA library and its apps as it requires jail breaking , But recently IPA Library gave its support to Android users by letting them enjoy its special features.

IPA Library Android Apk

  1. Before Installing IPA Library , First step is to go Settings > Security . For some devices Settings > Apps and Settings.
    IOS Emultor
  2. This is the most important step. Make sure that unknown sources option is ticked, so that your device can allow installation from any unknown or unofficial sources to install.  IPA Library Download
  3. Get out of your phone now and switch on your PC or MAC.
  4. Download this [ File ] from your browser.
  5. Transfer the file to your mobile through USB storage option or mail yourself and download the mail on  your mobile.
  6. After downloading the file , Install it and wait for the installation to complete and now you can use IPA Library on your Android Device.

Install IPA Library

If any problem during the Installation, Let us know about it through the comment section below and we will try to solve it for you .

Apps like IPA Library :

If every thing not goes right with IPA Library then you have to look for some alternatives and we have found an app relative to it called ACMarket, using this app you can get the modified or unofficial apps just like IPA Library. We have given the link to download ACMarket beside ACMarket [ext link]

Apps Like IPA Library iOS

IPA Library and ACMarket, Both differs in names, But they are best in its own terms. You can Install both of it and enjoy both of its features.

How to Stop IPA Library Crashing :

Many people after installing IPA library, With in few days they started facing problems as the app tending to stop and crash sometimes, reinstalling it only giving it a  temporary solution. The root cause of this problem is the apps unofficial certificates that apple don’t allow them to run, So the app gets crashed. To  avoid this problem all you need to do is to Install a tool called VPN tool which will protect the certificates to get them blocked. Download Nesstool through the link beside NessTool and install it.

Nesstool-IPA Library Helper

Popular Apps on IPA Library  :

  • AirShou

Airshou-IPA Library Alternative App

There is is popular screen recorder app in IPA Library called AirShou. Previously It was only found in Cydia , but now available on this app too. It is Loaded with lots and lots of features. Easy to use and using this you can recording anything on your screen in 1080 full hd at 60 frames per second. all it needs is a powerful processor to work smoothly and this is rated one of the best among all other. You can get the app from the link provided here, Click on the link AirShou , Download it and i hope you guys like it.       

  • Snapchat++

Apps Like IPA Library

Snapchat ++ is loaded with many features when compared to snapchat , It has lot of customization and a increase in recording strength as well, You can download the snaphat++ app from the link here  Snapchat++ .

There lots of IPA Library alternatives like Cydia Impactor and app valley , you can have a look at them too.

Conclusion :

Topics such as Downloading and Installing IPA library on iOS and Android, Crashing problem solution, Best apps on IPA Library and alternates apps for IPA Library are discussed here. Queries are always welcomed. If you face any problems regarding this app.Please Let us know through the comment section below and we will try to come up with the solution as soon as possible until then we call catch you up with our next article as soon as possible.

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