Kingdom Leaks Review

Kingdom Leaks is now trending globally and getting users worldwide, especially in 2018. And it is one of the most growing music Piracy Sites and open file sharing service. In this article i am going to take you to a review tour of what is kingdom leaks and how do they earn income and some other details about Kingdom Leaks website.

Kingdom Leaks – What is it all about ?

Kingdom leaks is a online website where you can get all your Favourite music albums released and their leaks in case if its leaked. They have a tag of ” We don’t encourage piracy. But we do encourage you to listen to an album before you decide to buy it “. All the trending leaks available here. The site is getting active day by day.

And One more important thing about this site is that user of them can submit a leak that is any pirated album/music/song to Kingdom Leaks website owners where it will make available to all of its visitors. If you open website you can listen to top rated music from across the community handpicked by them. Its a site maintained by a team on almost 10 people. The root servers of this site are located in the United States.

The site is running from 2 or more leaked years, It was started on 2015 summer. It started as a community where all kinds of people of same musical who cant’t offered money to buy their favourite music which is available for some bucks online and so inorder to make such music available for free the founders decided and founded Kingdom Leaks for people with same taste and share their files. And exchange their favourite, New and leaked albums, talk  about good musical tunes and many of the favourite Top artists are shared here. And became an one of the largest leak sites on the internet.

So the site has only Leaked albums ? Not exactly, Its a Community where you, I mean the users can post Albums – old albums, new releases and Newly leaked  albums.  The site will not be study always, Either it will go Private or Closed down. After some time it will get back to work normal as usual .

Kingdom Leaks – How do they Earn ?

Most of the revenue they get from one of the top most private advertisement network i.e adfly and they make use of that amount for their site maintenance. And it is the main reason for the site running normally and their rank value getting stronger.

In a recent Interview, The founder of the Kingdom Leaks site said that” That they get constant notices from DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) to down their site. when the severity from DMCA gets increases, They make changes in the number of posts to avoid creating a problem. DMCA notifies the file sharing links that transfer  the copyrighted music tracks and removes them.

The Admin also mentioned that he had done everything to make his personal details to himself  as secretive as possible. and he was always thought of being caught. So hes very careful regarding his details on the internet.

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