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KFC(Kentucky Fried Chicken) is known for its menu and delicious food items. They maintain their standards by collecting feedback from customers using survey. In this competitive world, many companies are struggling to hold their customers. Any company can retain their customers only if they satisfy their needs and make them feel happy. KFC is one of the companies which follows the same principle to hold their customers. They collect feedback from their customers via survey through which they know about customer needs and suggestions. They use this survey to strengthen their week areas and improve the customer satisfaction.

About KFC:


KFC, earlier known as Kentucky Fried Chicken is an American fast food Restaurant which has almost 20,000 branches in 123 countries. It is headquartered at Louisville, Kentucky and it is well known for its delicious fried chicken. It is the fourth largest fast food chain Restaurant in the world. Colonel Harland Sanders is the founder of KFC who started this business by selling fried chicken at roadside restaurants in Corbin, Kentucky. Later the company got expanded and distributed world wide.

mykfcexperience :

Most of us have visited KFC Restaurants several times. But, we may have missed to notice the survey link mentioned on the receipt and we may not be aware about the deals they offer with that. Like other companies, they treat their customers with offers for filling up the survey.

Are you searching for how to do the KFC survey and how to avail the deals and offers they provide with that? Then this article is the right place for you which gives all the details about it.

Free Go Cup:

Free Go Cup is an offer KFC give for completing their feedback survey. This offer allows you to taste KFC’s delicious foods for free with a purchase for a small amount. You can even try Chicken Littles, Popcorn Nuggets, Hot Wings pieces or Crispy Tenders. All items will be served with crispy, seasoned potato wedges. The only thing you need to do is to fill up the survey. is the survey site used by KFC to track the customer feedbacks and to improve their quality. They also provide discounts, offers or gift cards for completing the customer survey.

Free Go Cup


  1. Receipt from any participating KFC Restaurants.
  2. Receipt with the survey link. If the link is there, then you are eligible for the survey.
  3. Be ready with a laptop, computer or a mobile with strong internet connection.
  4. Good communication skill in English.

Steps to do mykfcexperience survey:

  1. Visit the survey website within 7 days of purchase of receipt.
  2. Enter the survey code and the date of purchase in the site. The survey code can be seen at the bottom of the receipt. It is an 18 digit code with a combination of a letter and 17 numerals. The time can be seen just above the survey code. The survey code should be a valid number as they will cross check whether this number is correct or not. 
  3. If you do not have survey code with you, then no worries. You can click the blue link which says “Click here”. It will give you an option to enter the store number instead of Survey code. You can find the store number in the receipt. 
  4. Enter the ticket number in the required field. If the ticket number is at the top of the receipt, then it will be like “Order #3.” If it is at the bottom, it will be something like “Ticket #3153”. 
  5. Complete the KFC survey that has basic queries such as personal details, product, food, staff and cleanliness. This will take only few minutes to complete.
  6. There will be a progress bar at the bottom of the page that shows the status of the survey in percentage of completion ranging from 1% to 100%.

KFC survey

How to Redeem a Receipt?

  1. You will see the validation code on successful completion of the survey.
  2. Write the validation code on the receipt before closing the page. Once you close the page, you cannot recover it again. Also, you will not be able to use the survey code again. So, be careful and do not forget to note down the validation code.
  3. You can redeem this receipt only at the restaurant where you have purchased it originally. If you face any difficulties while doing this survey, check your browser for cookies and java script and see whether they are enabled or not. 


  • The entrant should be a legal citizen of United States of America.
  • The entrant should have completed 18 years of age.
  • The survey is limited to 1 guest per visit.
  • This offer expires 30 days after the date of purchase.
  • The redemption should be done at the same location where the original purchase is done.
  • No other offers will be applicable.

What are you waiting for? Visit the nearest KFC store and grab your offers and deals.

How to locate the nearest KFC outlets:

Locate the nearest KFC stores using any of the following ways.

Google maps:

Open Google map and type “KFC near me” as a keyword. The search will return the details about KFC outlets along with the direction.

KFC official site:

Visit the KFC official site and navigate to Locate Store feature and give details such as your location pin code, city, state and country. The search will return the details about the KFC stores  near your location along with the direction.

KFC App:

Download the KFC app from Google Play Store and search for the KFC stores located near you.

KFC app

As customer’s feedback is very important to KFC, they provide an alternate option to give feedback on their official page Follow the below simple steps to share your feedback .

  1. Visit the official KFC site. ​
  2. Share your experience under two categories whichever applies to you.
  • General feedback about KFC or
  • Feedback about any specific KFC Restaurant

In case of any queries related to policies or privacy details, you can write to . They will reply you with the answers.

For more details about KFC, check their official website or KFC app. If you find this article useful, share this with your friends.

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