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Myshoprite experience survey is a platform for ShopRite customers to share their experience and feedback to the company. This will help ShopRite to improve their standards and customer service. They will be able to know about customer expectations and needs through this survey. Myshoprite experience survey is quite easy to complete. You need to spend only few minutes to complete the survey. It consists of set of questions related to ShopRite menus and its customer service. You will get surprise gifts for completing the survey. If you are a ShopRite customer waiting for a chance to share your comments, to get surprise gifts and to avail the benefits, then this article will help you with the details about myshoprite experience survey and its benefits.

About ShopRite:

ShopRite is the largest retailer owned co-operative in United States and the largest employer in New Jersey. It was formerly known as Shop-Rite. ShopRite is a supermarket with stores in New  Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.

Requirements for Myshoprite Experience Survey:

You can participate in this survey if you are eligible with the below requirements.
1. You should be a legal resident of United States.
2. You should have completed 18 years of age.
3. You should purchase from any participating store. Recent receipt from ShopRite is required as we need to give some details from the receipt while doing the survey.
4. This is an online survey. So, a PC, laptop or mobile with a strong internet connection is required.
5. Javascript enabled browser is required to avoid technical issues with the survey.


Steps for completing Myshoprite Experience survey:

ShopRite appreciate their customers for giving feedback. They reward their customers with ShopRite coupons which can be offer surprise gifts/sweep stakes. You can redeem the coupon at any participating restaurants and avail these offers. If you are ready with the above requirements, then you can follow the below steps to complete the myshoprite experience survey

  1.  Go to the official survey site
  2. Choose the language of  your choice as English or Spanish.
  3. Check your receipt for the survey code written on it.
  4. Type the survey code on the main page of the survey site on the field provided for that.
  5. You have to enter the 3 digit store number, Register number, transaction number,time and the date on the website. All these details can be seen in your receipt.
  6. Click the start button to start the survey.
  7. Go through all the questions in the myshoprite experience survey. All questions needs to be answered. Answer all the questions honestly.
  8. You will get the validation code at the end of the survey.

Myshoprite Experience

How to redeem the Myshoprite Receipt?

1. Complete the survey.
2. Get the validation code.
3. Write the validation code on the receipt under the validation code field.
4. Go the nearest ShopRite store to redeem the coupon.
5. They will validate the validation code and offer you the special gifts.
6. If you have any queries about the benefits, you can check with the cashier at the ShopRite store.

Myshoprite Experience Survey Rules:

  • This survey is applicable only to the stores under participation.
  • The survey is limited to one survey per guest per month.
  • No copy or transfer of receipts are allowed.
  • You can not avail any other offers if you are using this survey offer.
  • Any one who has relationship with ShopRite such as its employees, managers and directors and the immediate family members are not eligible.
  • The survey has to be completed within 30 days of purchasing the receipt. The receipt will be expired within 30 days.

ShopRite Sweepstakes/Special gifts :

ShopRite offers sweepstakes through which a customer can earn $500 gift card every month. This sweepstakes is available from 1 September, 2017 till 31 October, 2018.

How to fix issues in the Myshoprite Experience Survey?

If you face any issues while completing the survey, you can try the following tips.
1. Check the date on your receipt. If it is more than 30 days, you can not participate in this ShopRite experience survey.
2. Check javascript and cookies whether they are enabled or not. If it is not enabled, enable it and try to complete ShopRite feedback.
3. If you face issues even after doing the above things, then add exception for the myshoprite websites , under browser’s security settings tab depending on the page you are using to do the myshoprite survey.

How to locate nearest ShopRite Store?

You can locate your nearby ShopRite store using the following ways.

  • Just login into Google maps and type “ShopRite near me”. The result will give you the nearby ShopRite store along with the direction details.
  • You can locate your nearest ShopRite store using the store locator option available in the official website.You have to give some basic details such as city state or zip code in the search box available in the store locator. The search result will give you the nearby ShopRite store information along with the direction details.
  • You can use the ShopRite mobile app for finding the nearest location of ShopRite store. You have to just go to the store locator feature and you have to give basic details such as city state or zip code in the search box.


How to contact ShopRite ?

If you want to contact ShopRite , you can do that in any of the following ways.
1. You can write letter to them at the address,
Shoprite Customer Care,
PO Box 7812,
Edison NO, 08818

2. ShopRite offers customer service through their Customer Service Center. You can connect them by calling the Customer Care Line number 1-800-746-7748 (toll-free when using a landline).Customer care professionals will help you with the answers for your queries.The Customer Care Line is open from Monday – Saturday from 08:00–17:00 hours, and Sundays and public holidays from 09:00–14:00 hours.

3. You can share your feedback, comments and queries at the feedback site After entering this contact site, you need to share your personal details such as first name, last name, address, city, state, zip code, phone number and email address.

For more information about the myshoprite survey, visit the official survey site
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