Netsanity Review

NetSanity is very easy installable and also simple to use. Netsanity is always top of the list for every parent as it provides them to take a look what their children are doing.

Basically, Netsanity has tons of tools that parents are looking for so that they can keep an eye on their child by managing screen time and also keeping away from any inappropriate content which makes it more useful.

Netanity is available for IOS and Android and you can –

  • Set bedtime
  • Block contents
  • Enabling Safe search
  • Restricting Snapshot and camera
  • Block Social networking apps beforehand
  • And many more

Four basic steps to start with

  • Sign up for an account
  • Create new profiles
  • New device enrolment
  • Step up different rules

Signing up for Net Sanity

Basically, Netsanity gives 14 days trial so you can test it before purchasing. All you have to do is sign up.

Start with entering your (Parent) email ID and password

You can choose whether to choose a monthly or annual package. To proceed to enter credit card number but keep in mind you will not be charged until the trial is over if you choose a monthly package. You can choose higher plan to get more discounts. But, in case you didn’t like the app then you can cancel it straight away before 14 days so that you don’t get charged. It’s better to keep a reminder.

You have to accept terms and condition and you will be taken to the dashboard.

Creating user and profiles

You have to create a user profile for your child. Add a name, Birth date, time zone, also you can add a picture if you have 2 or more children. To find it click on the dashboard or on the logo.

The step includes adding device information. This is based on device information you got when you purchased.

After you completed creating a user and profile it’s time to enroll the device with Netsanity so that you can manage the each and every feature. You have to accept the prompt messages one by one.

Enrolling the device with Netsanity

Once the steps mentioned above is complete on your child’s device. You need to put a password all depending on your features you want according to your child’s age. You can also add a password which you only want to keep with yourself. Go to the sanity link provided below.

Like IOS devices parental solutions, Netsanity basically uses mobile device management (MDM) so in that case, you have to install MDM profile.

Any other solutions, Netsanity configures device automatically to use the VPN (Virtual private network). While setting up VPN won’t start right away. It takes most probably two or three attempts to get it working.

After completing the installation you can start adding features which you want to use on your child’s device.

Setting for Rules for users

When you have enrolled the device you will add filters you want in your child’s Smartphone. There are tons of features that they have split the options to make it easy to find.  You will see that while going through settings if you encounter any problem you can click on the question mark or help button to get assistant.

Things you can do with Netsanity

App blocker- its main work is to block apps to stop using internet making it totally useless. You can actually decide which apps are harmful and which is not, it’s totally your call. There are two options Allowed apps and Blocked Apps and it totally depends which apps should be banned.

Even if you don’t have the app you can still block it beforehand. But once you block an app it will be still there and you will be able to open but it will be we useless because of no network connectivity.’

Game Blocker – This feature is same as app blocker where you can block certain apps like dating or any other inappropriate app in play store which can hamper your child’s future.

Hide Apps – If you want to get into stealth mode without removing the app then you can hide the app. You can also schedule as to when your child can use it.

Time Blocker – The time blocker has a very special feature you can schedule apps as to use it within a certain time limit. You can choose different schedule according to your preferred time You can also choose to disappear, lock during bedtime.

As being you surely don’t have to research and studies that screen time can be a bad thing. Setting rules are always good for every house being a guardian. And surely it is for the good.

Cat Blocker – It is very useful for blocking sites by category. These certain categories are blocked such as alcohol, hate speech, promotion, nudity. You can fully control which category to be allowed or allowed for your child. You can block any category if you want.

Site Blocker – If you want to block a particular site especially websites like facebook or twitter you can block it easily. All you have to do is add the website to blacklist and rest will be done by netsanity.

Device Restriction – With this feature you can easily disable any browser, screenshots, camera, installing apps, and tons of other features. Some of the restrictions can be easily found under General-Settings-Restrictions in IOS, and the best thing about this app is that physically you don’t have physically hold the device and make changes like blocking.

Advanced Features- You can easily find the battery saver settings, hiding apps, safe wifi. This is excellent for the ones who have a device which is used in another protected setting. Netsanity will automatically filter and pause and the school filter will take over.

Price and Subscriptions

Netsanity provides many plans as well as offers, based on the monthly and annual basis and also the number of devices required to install.

The cheapest subscription which is lite plan $10 /year or $1/ month which includes basic features, like blocking porn/nudity and last location.

In order to enjoy each and every feature like preventing screenshots, web browser hiding users take the premium plan which is  $55.95/year or $6.95/month for one device.

Another pricing description is provided on the official website.

Netsanity runs smoothly on many Samsung phones and other android phones but there will be UI change in case of IOS users.

In any case, you didn’t like the app you can also cancel the subscription but it should be done 14 days and I will be not charged for that.

Taking everything into count Netsanity is very easy to set and use, having tons of features and supporting safe browsing too. They also provide excellent customer service if you stuck anywhere they will always support you.

After 14 days trial, they will ask for the purchased license for every single apple device. Net sanity currently supports Apple iPhone, Ipad, iPod touch, running on IOS 7, 8, 9+.

If you are finding the best parental control app on the market then you can give Netsanity a try. It gives you a bucket full of parental controls.

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