Olive Darden Krowd

Olive Darden Krowd is the website used by the employees of Darden restaurant. This restaurant is located in Orlando. It owns several casual dining restaurants. It runs Longhorn Steakhouse, Olive Garden, Bahama Breeze, The Capital Grille and Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen. This company became the largest company in the world. Darden runs more than 1500 restaurant chains. It employs over 1,50,000 employees. Due to large number of employees, the company requires a portal to maintain them. Krowd is the portal they have designed for this purpose.

Olive Darden Krowd

What is Garden Krowd website?

This website is used by employees of Darden brands. If you work in Olive garden restaurant, you will get access to this portal. To access this website, you have to create a Krowd account.

Olive Darden Krowd

Prerequisites for accessing Krowd:

To start with Krowd, make sure you are ready with the below items.

Login credentials:

Make sure you have a valid user name and password. You can get these details while setting up your Krowd account.

Strong Internet Access:

This portal is an online portal. Make sure that your laptop, PC or mobile has strong, stable and fast internet connectivity.

Electronic device:

An electronic device such as laptop, PC, mobile or tablet is required to access the website. Browsers such as Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox needs to be there on the system.

Olive Darden Krowd

Steps to activate Krowd account:

All the new employees of Krowd has to set up an account in the Krowd website. With this account, they will be able to access all the work related information such as iShift, schedule and pay statement. Follow the below steps to activate the Krowd account.

1. Visit the official website of olive garden krowd:

Login into the URL krowd.darden.com. This link is used by all the employees of Darden company. As a result, all the employees of Longhorn Steakhouse, Olive Garden, Cheddar’s, Bahama Breeze or yard House can activate their account on this portal.

2. Login help video:

If you are not aware or if you are new to the krowd website, watch the help video available on the website. This video will give you all the details about the krowd account and activation. If you know about the steps for activating your krowd account, you can simply skip this video.

3. Use Find/Activate option:

If you are an hourly employee of Darden, the link will be accessible for you. Click the Find/Activate option available on the website.

4. Submit the form with relevant details:

After clicking the Find/Activate option, a page will open. You need to give all details such as first name, last name, birthday, restaurant number of the restaurant you are working and your post ID. Check all the details before proceeding further. Press next button to continue.

5. Check and save user name:

After getting all the details, the krowd website will display a user name for your account. You can change the name as per your convenience. Do not share this user name with anyone.

6. Agree the terms and conditions of krowd:

At the end of the page, there will be a check box for terms and conditions. Read the details carefully and agree to the terms and conditions. Then proceed further by clicking the next button.

7. Answer security questions:

The next button will take you to the security questions page. There will be three security questions on this page. Answer all the questions honestly. Remember the answers correctly. You may need the answers at later point of time in case you forgot your user name or password. You can even include special characters in your answer.

8. Set your krowd password:

The last step in setting up krowd account is to create password for your account. The password should be unique and its length should be between seven to sixteen characters. Your password should be easy to remember so that you will not forget the same in future.

9. Check your account:

Now you have done with krowd account setup. The next step is to check your account by logging into the website. Enter your credentials such as user name and password. The home page will open. Set up your profile as the next step. You can even explore other exciting features available in the krowd website.

Olive Darden Krowd

Uses of Krowd garden website:

You might know all details about krowd and the advantages it offers to its employees. Krowd is very helpful for your work. You can access all the employment related information in an easy manner. No need to go to Darden HR office to get those information. You can access it at your place using this krowd website. This website can be accessible at any computer, iPhone, laptop or smartphones. You can even use krowd mobile app if you are going to use this krowd on smartphones. This krowd mobile app has same features as that of krowd website. You can access the following details after logging into the krowd website.

1. Krowd iShift feature:

This feature allows the employees of krowd darden to view their job schedules. This information will be very helpful to the hourly employees of Darden who will be working in shift system. This iShift systems helps to maintain the daily schedule. This feature allows you to change the shifts and apply leaves during work. The day off can be applied and availed online. No need to wait in Dorden HR office for this purpose.

2. Online Pay Stub:

There is no paper payment stub in Darden offices. All the payment are done using online pay stub. In this way the payment gets deposited in your account directly. Details about your salary can be checked in krowd garden website. You can also view details such as the total hours you worked, salary and deduction details.

3. Employee perks:

Another important feature of Darden is the employee perks or benefits. All the employees of Darden are entitled to get benefits in terms of Finance, health insurance, and retirement plan.

4. Darden communities:

Being an employee of Darden, you can join the Darden community. This community is used by employees where you can communicate with one another. This allows you to get in touch with all other co-workers. Updates about Darden will also be availble in the krowd website. Any problems can be discussed in this portal. In case you want to connect with HR department, you can use this community for this purpose.

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