Openappmkt – Cydia Alternative For Appstore Without Jailbreaking

Openappmkt is one of the best platform to download all the free apps without using app store without jailbreaking your iphone.

Why Openappmkt ?

One of the main features that differs iOS from android was its Closed platform which means the software regulates and restricts you to downloading from any external and unknown sources rather than App Store which is  leading to continuous Criticism. So it was a Common practice for Iphone users to jailbreak their Iphones, so that they can install apps from a rival to the app store.

Openappmkt Cydia

Jail breaking is nothing but Over coming the software regulations composed by the Apple on their iOS devices, Recently everyone going for it as it unlock the new capabilities to the user, and it is considered legal according to the sources.

Its no that iOS don’t have much apps, It’s loaded with tons, But to take full advantage of it, You have to jailbreak it. But Jailbreaking requires lots of effort to do so, So many are looking for alternatives so that they can download apps without any kind of jailbreak. So, Let me do it for you the way which do the work- Openappmkt ifile.

Not many goes for Jail breaking as it voids warranty of your IOS device, This is the main reasons why many IOS device guys don’t go for it. So Openappmkt is like a dream come true moment for those guys.

Openappmkt is a web app rather than an software package. The best part of this app is that you don’t need an jailbroken iphone to do it. Even though jail breaking is 100% legal,lots of people wont be interested to do.

How to Install Apps from Openappmkt on your iOS devices

To get this app  on your mobile , Follow the below simple steps as shown

Openappmkt ios cydia


  1. Open Safari browser on your device.
  2. Go to google, Search for Openappmkt.
  3. When the results are loaded, open the first link.
  4. When the web page is loaded, Click the plus mark below (+) and click on Add to Homescreen.
  5. Now go to home screen and lookout for the Openappmkt icon.
  6. Tap on the icon, Wait for it to load completely.
  7. When the page opened completely, you will see the app images and categories.
  8. Scroll and  search for your favourites or you can search manually in the search bar.
  9. When the results are loaded , Tap on the app and wait for it to open.
  10. When the app is loaded , Click on Free.
  11. Then It prompts a window to quick install, click on Install.
  12. It opens the app in the safari browser.
  13. And a window prompts , Click on Add to home screen, Give it a name and click Add.
  14. It adds the app icon to the Menu.
  15. Just Tap on the icon to open the game.

To make sure, I’m just telling you that these are just Web apps, which means apps are just bookmark of an web page and they don’t come under native apps.

Installing Openappmkt on your Android

Downloading Openappmkt apk don’t require much efforts as installing it in iOS. It is simpler to install on Android .

follow my steps below

  1. Open Play store from your mobile.
  2. Search for Openappmkt.
  3. If the app is not available on play store, you can manually search for openappmkt apk on google.
  4. Install either from playstore or from google.
  5. Wait for the installation to finish, It wont take much time.
  6. When the installation to get finished, Search for the openappmkt icon on your mobile.
  7. Tap it and search for the game or app you are interested.
  8. Click on the app and tap free to install it.

That’s it , you can install as many as apps including premium and modified app from it for free.

Download Cydia from Openappmkt

Openappmkt vs cydia

Cydia is a similar app like openappmkt, but requires Jailbreak, But you can install Cydia without jailbreak using Openappmkt, Besides usual web apps you can also install Cydia through openappmkt.

To install cydia on your device without jailbreaking , follow the below steps.


  1. Install Openappmkt to your device by following the above steps.
  2. Open the openappmkt icon.
  3. Search for cydia on the search bar.
  4. Lots of cydia related app loads on the screen.
  5. Its best to choose the right version of the app depending up on your iOS version for optimal performance.

Also Check IPA Library iOS Emulator.

Openappmkt Features

Openappmkt is loaded with many interesting features that makes it a worthy thing to go for.

  1. Openappmkt store is loaded with tons and tons of apps and categories to download.
  2. It is Free to use.
  3. No Jailbreaking is requied.
  4. As no jailbreaking is required to install it, your warranty of the device would be safe.
  5. You can share all of your downloaded apps to anyone around you through wifi without any struggles.
  6. You can have full access to the app which means you can change the lockscreen and Icon of the app.

Is Openappmkt Legal ?

To answer this question, May be we should take a look at the advantages of Openappmkt Cydia , As far as me, the jail breaking of iphone devices has made legal and the Apple has no problem in users jail breaking their devices.

Even though its remove software restrictions imposed by apple, as its making capable of many advantages with the device. But jailbreaking voids the warranty, that’s the main thing to deal with a jail broken device.

As the Openappmkt Cydia don’t require their device to be jail broken to use it, So there would be nothing illegal in using it  as far as i’m concerned.

Conclusion :

These are all the Instructions and Faq’s regarding the Openappmkt and cydia. If you guys have any Queries or facing any problem, Let us know via Comment section below and we will come up with the best solution for it.

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