OSRS Construction Guide (Old School RuneScape)

Here is the complete information about OSRS Construction Guide 

Construction Guide of OSRS is probably the most costliest skill in RuneScape, as the supplies need to train
Construction could be overpriced. You could train construction whenever you would want, but if you want training very quick and systematic, it is very advisable to save a lot of money to have a large amount of planks.

As Grand Exchange could not used by the ironman, they would required to cut down a huge number of trees in order to fulfill the needs of construction. Bit of this issue can be reduced for mahogany and teak planks with handling Miscellania, Although the result is somewhat very low and thus, it is suggested to chop the trees otherwise in order to maximize log output.

Osrs Construction Calculator


Item XP Given GE Log Cost Sawmill fee Total


Cost/XP GE Plank cost Cost/XP
Mahogany Plank 140 407 1500 1907 13.62 2088 14.91
Oak Plank 60 26 250 310 5.17 486 8.1
Teak Plank 90 196 500 696 7.73 895 9.94
Plank 79 40 100 140 4.83 288 9.93
Plank and Bronze nails 29 40+10 100 150 5.17 288+10 10.28


Important Points

  • Very small different experience, cost/experience and cost points are given for different type of metal nails. Basically nails are made from the stronger metals have major chances to bend, to speed up the process to make a type of furniture.
  • In this extra transportation methods costs are not included to obtain the Sawmill.


In this Construction Guide OSRS we are now going to discuss little about Non-planks through chart. In the below chart you can notice the experience given to each object whenever each object is utilized. Based on Grand Exchange Prices the cost per experience points are calculated. The Price of free components (i.e., the components that could be made only with some work ) which displays the cost one can sell those components for, if you have ever used them on your construction.

Item Experience given NPC Cost Cost/Xp GE Cost Cost/Xp
Magic Stone 1000 975,000 975 982068 982.07
Marble block 500 325,000 650 329474 658.95
Gold leaf 300 130,000 433.33 134345 447.82
Limestone brick 20 21 1.05 186 9.3
Limestone 20 10 or 17 0.5 or 0.85 60 3
Steel bar 20 n/a n/a 430 21.5
Iron bar 10 n/a n/a 173 11.53
Bolt of cloth 15 650 43.33 968 64.53
Soft clay 10 n/a n/a 143 14.3
Clay 10 n/a n/a 104 10.4
Molten glass 1 n/a n/a 140 140


Important Points

You could change clay into soft clay using water. This could be done in a player owned house with the help of kitchen water source or garden.

You could change limestone into limestone bricks with the help of a chisel on it.

Useful Tips for Old School Runescape OSRS Construction Guide Training

If you would like to start Construction in Old School Runescape you need to do some tasks like you may be required to visit an Estate agent ( you could find them anywhere like in Seers’ Village, East Ardougne, Falador and Varrock) and you have to buy a house by spending some 1,000 coins. The house will consists of 2 rooms; a Garden and a Parlour; including  exit portal in the garden apart from these things you could not find any other things. So if you want anything you need to build yourself.

Every player in this game require some basic things like hammer and saw to build items.

It is very recommended to have weight-reducing gear in order to reduce the run energy used by a player when he need to and from his house.

And also it is very recommended to have all the planks in your bank in the time of training to reduce the inventory space. You could retrieve your planks whenever you want with the help of your butler.

If a player reached to level 30, then he need to convert Curved and Long bones in to Barlak to gain some coins as well as Construction Guide OSRS Experience. The player may be found inside the Dorgesh-kaan city, which is actually not at all accessible til the player has completed the Death to the Dorgeshuun.

In order to build various in your house very fastly you need to have a number “Hotkey”. When you want to remove the said items you need to press “1” key to remove them immediately.

For players who are at the starting stage of construction and are not willing to pay their butler to have materials from the bank, they could use Phials in Rimmington to help in your training. Phials will only charge only 5 coins per item, which is very cheap compared to your butler.

In the level 20 Construction, you could construct Bedrooms. You would require 2 Bedrooms in your house in order to have a servant from the Servants Guild in East Ardoungne. It is very advisable to get either the Demon butler or Butler as they could grab items from the bank within no time;  because the human butler will be very slow. Butlers usually request money after 7 services finished. If you would like to change the current servant then you need to remove your current servant and return him to the Servants Guild to have a new servant. Servants are automatically paid through the means of Moneybag of servants. This process will save a lot of time for you.

Training Methods for OSRS

Level 1-33 – Crude Wooden Chairs

In order to construct Crude Wooden Chair you need to two wooden planks and two nails each, it may cost up to 217.860 coins but with condition that if the materials are bought from the Grand Exchange. To cut your logs and shaping them into planks with the help of sawmill will cost near 63000 coins. Constructing a crude wooden chair grants 58 Construction Guide OSRS experience. At level 17 make sure that you build a workbench which helps in increasing your experience per hour by letting you to construct furniture in your home.

Level 33-52/69/74 – Oak Larders

Oak Larders need 8 Oak planks each, If materials are bought from the Grand exchange you may end up with the cost of 8,552,768 coins and 480 OSRS construction Guide experience will be granted by each one. If you chop the logs by yourself and make them into planks, it would cost you near 4.000,000 coins.

Level 52-99 – Mahogany tables

Another way to train the building Mahogany tables, may need 6 mahogany planks each. Building a mahogany table gains the 840 experience each. Though it may be faster than the Oak Larders but it is very expensive.  The other way is to utilize the demon butler, and to construct 2 tables in the time the demon butler takes to grab the planks from the bank, which gives nearly 450,000 experience per hour.

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