Peephole Wireless Camera

Peephole Wireless Camera – Uses and Reviews

Are you thinking about your home’s safety all the time? Do you feel that your home is not safe? Are you moving to door every time to reply to a knock or to reply to any unwanted person? If your answer is “yes” to the above questions, then you have landed at the correct place. This article will give you all details about the best security device for your home which is nothing other than the Peephole Wireless Camera. With the technology advancements, peephole cameras went through several stages of technologies. Now, the modern peephole cameras allows you to take pictures or videos of the outsiders and view the same in your mobile, LCD display or webcam at the place where you are staying.

Peephole Wireless Camera

What is peephole?

Every one hearing about peephole will have this question in mind that what is actually a peephole?Peephole is  nothing but a hole at the door of a house which is used to see the persons standing outside the door. It is also called as peekhole, spyhole, doorhole or door viewer.

Peephole Wireless Camera:

Peephole camera is used by people to see who is waiting outside the door of their house. The people waiting outside the door can be seen at the place you are residing itself. You do not go to the door to answer the persons whom you really do not want to speak with like marketing people or some unwanted persons or strangers. We are seeing several bad incidents such as robberies,kidnaps etc in our day to day life. Most of these happenings are due to lack of security. To avoid such incidents we can have this peephole camera at our home. This will be very helpful to find out the strangers or unwanted person or the person’s whom you do not want to talk with or whom you have to avoid.

Peephole Wireless Camera

How to install Peephole Wireless Camera?

The only thing you need to do is to drill a small hole in your door. Then you have to attach a camera, microphone and door bell at the front side of the peep hole. To watch the person standing out from inside, you need to attach a display screen inside the house. Infra red light is required which will help to see the persons waiting outside even at dark or during night time. You can even record images and videos. There is no need to mount a separate security camera outside if you are having peephole camera  at the door. The installation will take only few minutes.

Peephole Wireless Camera

These peep hole cameras uses rechargeable batteries that work based on periodic recharge schedule. These cameras can be tracked using their own apps.These apps are available for both iOS and Android devices. Peephole cameras use wireless connectivity which allows you to track the person waiting outside from anywhere and at anytime. You can even get alerts that someone is waiting outside the door. Two way communication is also possible in these devices with which you can communicate with the outsiders and you can respond to them.

Peephole Camera Wireless iPhone:

Peephole for iPhone is a unique application that allows your iPhone as a wireless remote webcam. You need JavaScript capable browser that helps you to view the live capture of your iPhone camera and  to trigger the iPhone’s capture. It can be used for front door surveillance and as a video baby monitor. You need to do the following steps to use the peephole wireless iPhone .
1. Go to iTunes app store
2. Download the app
3. Once the download is complete, launch the peephole application.

Peephole Wireless Camera

Buler Peephole Camera:

Buler peephole camera uses LCD door peephole viewer that has a viewing angle greater than the normal viewing angle. It has low light camera with wide angle lens. Installation of Buler peephole camera is very easy and it will take only five  minutes of your time. With two AA batteries, you will be able to view up to 1000 views. Batteries can be changed easily. There is no need to remove the entire unit for changing the battery.

Buler Peephole Camera

In case of normal peephole camera, if any one is waiting outside the door and if you see them from the door, then there are chances that they may come to know that you are watching them. Robbers can attack the door and they may hit the owner and they may take what they want. This will not happen if you are using LCD type of peep hole camera. Using this type of camera, outsiders will not even know whether you are at home, or outside or near the door. Even if they try to look through the peephole they can see only a small portion of your home.

Motion Sensor Peephole Camera:

The Motion sensor peephole camera uses digital peephole viewer that tracks motion. There will be traditional peephole at the outside and the camera at the inside. Built in sensors track the motion of the outsiders. It captures the images and store it. With just a push of one button, you will get the video or photo of the person standing outside the door along with details such as date and time.

Motion Sensor Peephole Camera

Regular and zoom modes are available in these devices with which you can even see the minute things happening outside the door. The viewer will turn off automatically 10 seconds after the outside person left the home. A red light is used to indicate when the battery is low. Installation is very easy with the help of manual given with the device. It will take only few minutes of your time to complete the installation. If the peephole is already there, then the installation will be much more easier. LCD panel is used for displaying the image and video. Review of images and videos are possible with simply pushing the button in the device.

Peeple Camera:

As technology is growing, the surveillance of home using peephole also grown from peephole that uses camera to see the outsiders to mobile based surveillance which has several advanced features that allows one to reply the outsider from the place where they resides along with storing of pictures and videos on daily basis.  Peeple is a sensor that can be placed above the peephole of the door. This monitors the person waiting or knocking outside the door. By using this peeple, you will receive notification when people wait or knock at your door.


Peeple uses home WiFi to send notifications to your mobile. Irrespective of whether you are at home or not, you can virtually track who is waiting outside your door. You just have to login into the people app. This app is available in iOS and android store for free. Once you login, you can see the video or image of the person waiting outside. Even if you are at foreign countries, you will be able to respond them. Also if you do not want to see that person then you can ignore that person as well. History of the happenings will be recorded which can be used to track the safety of your home.

Peephole Lens Working Principle:

The Peephole is fitted with fisheye lens that takes wide range of view from one direction and show it in the other direction. The camera is fired in such a way that it captures light rays from all the directions on the space outside the door and focuses it into small or pupil sized area of the peephole. This increases intensity of light and the images looks even more brighter. When a person looks into the peephole from outside the door, the principle gets reversed and he/she will be able to see the magnified version of a small area of the room.

There is one more thing which we need to consider in this peephole camera. During day time, the intensity of light will be more at outside than inside. So if anyone try to look into the peephole he/she has to face the reflection of the outside light over the peephole. This principle helps to safeguard the house.

Peephole Wireless Camera

Doorbell Spy Camera:

Doorbell with hidden camera attached to it is widely used in homes, hotels and other places for security purposes. These devices uses motion tracking system that tracks the motion outside the home and gives warnings or alerts to the owner. This can even be configured with phones or display screens and the owner can see the live image or video of the place of concern. These spy cameras can also be configured with intercom facility which paves way for a two way communication. Using this, the owner can respond back to the person waiting outside the door or home irrespective of where the owner resides during that time.


Best Peephole WiFi Cameras:

Searching for the best peephole cameras? Read the below details for the best peephole cameras that are available in the market and its reviews. Select your best choice according to your requirement.

1.Digital Door Peephole Viewer and DIY Visual Doorbell:

It is the most affordable and cheapest peephole camera available in the market. It may be cheap in cost, but it is a best security device for your home along with all the features for security. The set up and installation of this DIY visual doorbell is very easy. With just a single press on the button you can see the person waiting outside your door.

2. Yale Look:

This door viewer comes with Wi-Fi and serves the basic purpose of peephole along with other factors such as linking with smartphone, 720 p HD camera, microphone , speaker and LCD display. This product is available only in United States and Canada. You need to download and use the Yale app for viewing the images and videos on your mobile or laptop. It works well with iPod touch devices ,iPhone, iPad that are running with iOS 9 or later. Yale Look door viewer works well with android devices of versions 4.0 or later. Free Yale Look app is available on the app stores for both iOS and Android. It comes with rechargeable battery, 32 GB micro SD card , 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connectivity, door bell button and cable.

3. Digitsea Digital Doorbell Peephole Door Camera:

This camera includes all the features that the normal spy camera provides. It comes with 4 pieces of infra red lights that helps to track outside even in dark or during night time. One year warranty is available. It automatically takes and saves the images and videos on the SD card when we press the door bell button. Clear night vision LEDs are available which will turn on automatically during night time. Four volt industrial High Definition color sensor with 120 degree camera lens is present which gives pictures and videos with clear vision. Batteries are not included in this kit. You need to get four pieces of AA alkaline battery.

4. Ring Wi-Fi enabled video door bell:

With this video door bell, you will be able to capture the images and videos of the outsiders easily. Designate areas to monitor, get real time and customize sensitivity are the best features of this ring Wi-Fi enabled video door bell. You can even select the face plate of the camera based on your choice. This video door bell may be costly but is worth for the price you are paying for.

5. HooToo Wi-Fi video door bell:

HooToo Wi-Fi door bell is one of the best video door bell that attracts the customers. It is a top quality peephole camera which fulfills all the necessities that a person looks for if he/she thinks about video door bells. This door bell is easy to install that has the best quality of HD images and pictures. HooToo Wi-Fi door bell is compatible with android and iOS that allows anyone to use it in an easy manner. Instant alerts are possible using this video door bells.

The safety of your family and your home lies with you. Do not give a chance to robbers or any other unknown person to attack you,your family or your home. Go to the shop and buy a peephole wireless camera. Attach it on your door and access your home safety any where any time along with the option to record the happenings outside the door all the time.

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