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Athena health launched QuickPay portal online service for the benefit of patients. The headquarters is at Massachusetts. Athena health is an American company that deals with services related to health. Earlier, people deposit their money and then go through the medicals bills and pay for the same. It was a time consuming process that requires more effort. QuickPay portal is more flexible and allows customers to settle their medical bills in an easy manner. This will save ten times the total time required in conventional process. This article will help you with the details about Quick pay portal and how it helps the patients.

About QuickPay portal:

The QuickPay portal can be accessed using the URL www.quickpayportal.com. All the details can be found on the website. You can visit each and every section to know the exact details you want. The website is very secure. The online service generates Bill for the convenience of the patient. The patient have to visit the portal to pay the bills. To access the portal and to pay the bills, the patient have to login onto the portal with the QuickPay code. The code is of fifteen digit. After giving the code, click the sign in button. It is important to keep the QuickPay code safe to avoid fraudulent acts.

The service offers two alternative ways that can help the patients who does not have the codes. Those are as follows
1. Paying bills using the official email address.
2. Paying bills by calling the support team.

quickpay portal

Uses of QuickPay portal:

If you are a first time user, then login into the official website. You need to give the QuickPay survey code in the field provided for the same. Click the sign in button. A page will open up where you need to share your personal details such as name, address and few other information. After giving all the required details click on the save button to save the same. On successful process, you will be able to see information such as patient account number, outstanding bills, statement date and so on. Check all the details and make sure everything is correct. Contact the support team in case of any corrections needed or login into your account and change the details under your profile page.

Once your account got activated, you need to logout from the portal after finishing your work. Make sure you remember your account password. Avoid writing it or storing it in order to avoid fraudulent usage and to secure your account. You can edit your details under my profile tab. Do not forget to save the details after making changes. Otherwise the information will remain the same as earlier. In case of any issues related to your account, you can raise complaint under the act at www.hhs.gov/ocr/privacy/hipaa/complaints. Using this portal any bills such as medical or insurance bills can be paid.

quickpay portal

This website will be a boon to the persons who are searching for some online websites to pay the bills under government health insurance, health care or insurance of any other types. Any medical or insurance related bills can be paid easily by logging into the website using the Userid and password. The payment can be done at the main page of the portal itself.

Steps to use QuickPay portal:

  • Login into the official website of QuickPay portal.
  • Enter the QuickPay code, date of birth and phone number on the sign in page.
  • Click the sign in page after giving the required details.
  • Once you Login, check for the “Billing Tab” option available on the website and click the same.
  • List of charges will be available on the page along with other details such as date of visit, account balance under the category recent charges payable online.
  • Click on billing and payment option and click on pay online for paying the amount online.
  • Choose the payment mode such as internet banking/ credit card or debit card.

Fill all the payment details correctly and click on the pay button. Your payment will be processed and an acknowledgement receipt will be shown on the screen after successful payment.

quickpay portal

QuickPay services:

QuickPay portal provides more useful services for the benefit of the patients. Those details are as follows.
1. Health and wellness related information will be available on the website under the tab “Health & wellness”. The person has to click on this tab and have to give the word of search. The website will display all the relevant information for the word of search.
2. Symptom checker is available on the website where the patient can give the symptoms they are facing. They can understand the illness for the symptoms using this feature.
3.  Test results can also be viewed using this portal. Only the approved results from the provider will be available for the view of patients.
4. Book appointments using this portal for checkups. If you need them change the appointment date and time, you can reschedule using the same QuickPay portal. The rescheduling option is available under appointment tab.
5. Patient portal will be useful for the patients to view their account related information.

quickpay portal

Other Services of QuickPay:

  1. Payment history is available under the Billing tab. Using this feature, the patient can view their payment history and its associated details. Users have to click Billing tab and then view detail link to view all the details.
  2. There is an option available in the portal to save your credit/debit card details. This will save time while making payments. You need click on add card option. Then give all the card details and click on save. On successful addition, the card details will be shown on next payments in the list of saved cards.
  3. Access Insurance related details under my profile tab. To know more about insurance details, visit the insurance section under my profile page.
  4. Users can reach the emergency number for any emergencies. Contact the medical emergency number 911 anytime to reach the health care providers.
  5. The website provides list of commonly asked questions which one can refer for understanding the process better. This section lies at the bottom of the official website home page. You need to scroll down to see this section.

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