How To Recover Whatsapp Messages Online & Offline

Whatsapp is the best messenger app for smartphones like android,ios and blackberry e.t.c. It is highly used and trusted application all over the world.Whatsapp app requires internet connectivity and through whatsapp we can chat(send and receive messages), audios, videos and images with zero cost. Even can we share other format files like zip, doc and exe files on whatsapp. These are just few samples which make you understand what is  whatsapp.And the common problem faced by every whatsapp user is recovering whatsapp messages and data when they are lost.There are several methods to recover whatsapp messages online and offline.Here below we will tell you some simple methods.

Many of the whatsapp users think that whatsapp messages and all other data is stored on a separate database like facebook do,but it is completely wrong.All the whatsapp data is stored in your device itself either in phone memory or in SD Card memory.But in some situations like we or some others unfortunately delete messages or any other data from whatsapp.These type of situations irritates us and makes us feel uncomfortable.To solve this problem we have come up with some methods by which we can recover whatsapp messages online or offline.All the below methods are not official but they can recover deleted whatsapp messages on your phone for sure.

How To Recover Whatsapp Messages Online :

To recover your whatsapp messages online we use RecoveryMessages an online recovery tool.This is a simple but power tool by which you can recover your deleted whatsapp chat like messages,pics e.t.c.

Step 1 : First  you need to copy your android or iphone’s whatsapp database file(DB.CRYPT12/.sqlite/DB.CRYPT8) to your pc.

Step 2 : To copy the databse file connect yourphone to pc via USB and go to FileManager > SD Card >Whatsapp > Databases >msgstore-2017-09-30.1.db.crypt12.

Note : Sometimes you need to go to phone storage and date(2017-09-30.1.db.crypt12) may be anything for you.

Step 3 : Select the database file depending on the date and copy to your pc.

Step 4 : After copying the whatsapp database file to your pc, goto

Step 5 : There you will get an option called Select SQLite File.Click on it and select the database file.

Recover Whatsapp Messages

Step 6 : Select I accept the terms of use and click on SCAN.

Step 7 : Then you will get the recovered whatsapp messages online on that website.

How To Recover Whatsapp Messages Offline :

In this method you can recover your whatsapp messages older than 7 days by using a simple software called Android Data Recovery Software and by manually recovery process.We will discuss both the methods in detail.

Method 1:- Recover Whatsapp Messages Using Software.

Step 1 : First of all download Android Data Recovery Software by clicking on the below download button.

Step 2 : Install the software on your pc and open it.

Step 3 : Now connect your android phone to pc via USB Cable.

 Recover Whatsapp Messages Online

Step 4 : It will automatically detects your android phone and start its process.

Step 5 : Then you will get a screen like below then click on next button and select all the options as shown in below image.

How to Recover Whatsapp Messages

Step 6 : Now again click on Next button.Then it will scan data from your phone.

Step 7 : Once the scanning process is finished then you will get all the data like images,videos,files,contacts, messages,call history,whatsapp data and other files as show in the below image.

Get whatsapp data

Step 8 : Select whatsapp and then click on recovery option then it will ask you to select the destination folder to save the data.Then select the folder and click on save.

How to backup whatsapp messages

That’s it you have successfully recovered your whatsapp messages to your pc.

This is one of the best and simple method to recover whatsapp messages on pc using the software which needs no programming or technical skill to understand.

Here is another simple method to recover whatsapp messages on phone itself.

We will update another method by which you can recover your whatsapp messages in your phone itself.

Method 2 : Restore WhatsApp Chat History on Android from Backup

Do you know that whatsapp automatically backup your data everyday at 4 am of your system time?It is stored in the whatsapp backup folder separately for 7 days.Also it is a simple task to restore the whatsapp backup data from your phone and it can be done just by uninstalling and reinstalling whatsapp apk.

Follow the below steps carefully to restore/recover your whatsapp messages on phone.

Step 1 : Before doing this task backup your current whatsapp data.Remember that any new whatsapp messages sent/received after the whatsapp backup and deleted before the next backup, cannot be restored.

Step 2 : Then uninstall whatsapp directly or go to Settings > Applications > WhatsApp > Uninstall.Then reboot(restart) your android device.

Step 3 : Now download whatsapp from playstore and install it.Then open whatsapp and click next until it asks to verify your phone number.Then verify your phone number.

Step 4 : In the next step it says you that backup file found on your device and asks your permission to restore or skip restore(No Thanks).

recover deleted whatsapp messages from backup

Step 5 : Click on Restore and wait for for seconds.After restoring you will get a message saying that “Congratulations you are good to go.We’ve just restored your XX messages.

Then click on continue.You will get your entire chat backed up.

This the most simplest way to recover whatsapp messages offline through backup from your phone itself.

That’s it you can successfully recover whatsapp messages online & offline by following the above three methods.All the above methods are tested by us and all of them are working properly.If you get any problem while following any of the methods.Let us know by commenting below or by contact us page.We will try to solve your issue related to recovering whatsapp messages by online or offline methods.Thanks


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