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Sears is a home services company best known for the appliance repairs, home improvement and maintenance service they provide to their customers. You do not want to do all the house repairs and maintenance on your own. You can use Sears customer service for that. Sears also provides offers to their customers. This article will give all  details about Sears and its customer services.

About Sears:

Sears is a famous home services unit that helps customers to maintain their home appliances and home improvements. They reward their customers and attract them using attractive deals. You can get discounts for the orders you make. All the discount details are clearly mentioned on the official website. Sears also provides knowledge or learning option where you can find the tips or solutions to the common problems in house. This will be beneficial and you can try without expecting any one to resolve it. Sears provides customers services in most of the metropolitan areas including 6800 technicians working in the field every day.

sears customer service

Sears Repair services:

They repair many of our house hols appliances like Refrigerator, washer, dryer, dish washer, range, oven, HVAC, freezer, water heater, cook top and many more.

Sears Improvement services:

The improvement services of Sears includes flooring, kitchen, bathroom, counter tops, garage door and so on.

Sears Maintenance services:

The maintenance services offered are cleaning, lawn and garden, maid service and so on.

Sears Customer service appointment:

Appointment is necessary for all the services such as repair, improvement or maintenance. The professionals will visit your home according to the appointment details. Follow the below simple steps to schedule and appointment.

  • Visit sears official website
  • Click ‘schedule now’ option under menu.
  • Choose the type of service or the product be repaired from the given list.
  • Click ‘view everything we repair’ to see all the items repaired by Sears.
  • Choose the type and brand of the item.
  • Give the type of warranty coverage the appliance has.
  • Share yourLocation details and the description about the problem.
  • Choose the date and time for your appointment.
  • Give your personal details such as name, phone number, email id and address.
  • Click Book button to book the appointment.

sears customer service

Sears Home warranty plan:

This warranty plan covers most of our home appliances and systems regardless of the brand, type and age. This plan will be helpful when any of your appliance under this plan gets damaged or repaired. You just need to login into the official website or the customer care number. The customer care professional will visit your home and repair the appliance or system. If it cannot be repaired, then the product will be replaced. Only appointment service fee will be charged for this. No need for extra payment. All repairs come with 180 day workmanship guarantee. This plan includes support of 24 hours a day. Network of pre-screened professionals will be appointed under this plan. Sears provides comprehensive coverage for the customers under this plan.

Benefits of Home warranty plan:

Apart from the service, Sears provides the below added benefits to their customers who have availed this home warranty plan.

  • Get an extra bonus of One cooling check and One heating check.
  • Discounted oil changes and tire rotations at your local Sears Auto Center is possible.
  • 15% back in Shop Your Way points plus free 2-day shipping are the most awaited offers under this plan.

Sears Learn/Knowledge platform:

Sears provides tips and tricks to the customers for the common  problems that can be resolved at the customer end itself. Navigate to the official site of Sears and visit Learn tab under menu. You can find articles related to the common problems and solutions related to home appliances and systems. This is one of the best service that a company can provide to its customers. Sears gives this platform as a service oriented package. This tips and tricks are free and no need to pay for visiting this learn page.

sears customer service

Sears Home services Team:

This is a community for service professionals. This will be helpful for the technicians who are searching for the jobs. Follow the below steps if you are willing to join this Home services Team.

  • Visit the official website and navigate to the Sears Home Services team page.
  • The page will show all the available jobs in Sears.
  • Filter the jobs according to your area of interest.
  • Click the jobs that you want to check to know more about its details.
  • Apply the job and achieve the benefits.
  • You can even sign up for the job alerts by clicking the sign up for job alerts button and giving your mail ID.

Sears promotions and coupons:

Sears offers promotions and coupons for their customers. Visit the promotions and coupons page to know the details.


Sears provides customers services in most of the metropolitan areas including 6800 technician working in the field every day. You can use any of the following ways to find out the location of Sears home services near your area.

  • Just login into Google maps or google and type “Sears home services”. The result will give you the nearby Sears home services centre along with the direction details.
  • You can locate your nearest Sears home services location using the “location” page available in the official website. You have choose the city or state in the list of results displayed on the page. 

sears customer service

How to Contact Sears customer service:

You can contact Sears using any of the following ways according to your convenience.

  • Sears offers customer service through their Customer Service Center. You can reach them by contacting their customer care number 18888502334. Customer care professionals will help you with the answers for all the queries.
  • You can connect Sears home services using any of the online platforms such as facebook, pininterest, google+, youtube and twitter.

Having home repairs or want to improve or maintain your home appliances? What are you waiting for? Visit the Sears Home Services website or your nearest local store, book an appointment and resolve the house hold problems in a easy manner.

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