T-Mobile Refer-A-Friend Program $25 Bonus for Both Customers

T-Mobile refer-a-friend program that offers a $25 T- Mobile prepaid recharge to both new as well as current customers on completing a qualified referral.

Additionally, T- Mobile covers the early termination fees which are up to 5 lines and gift a credit for device trade-ins to the lucky new referred customers.

But, If you are a current T-Mobile customer then you can luckily participate in the referral program to earn $250 per year or in simple words 10 referrals per year.

T-Mobile Refer-A-Friend Program

-If you are new T-Mobile customer already then sign up using a current T-Mobile customer reference number to get a benefit of an extra $25 for activation of your account.

How to Refer New customers To T-Mobile

-Both new as well as current customers should visit T-Mobile refer a friend program to register and participate

-Once the registration is completed you can send referrals to others to potential new T-Mobile customers via email, Facebook, Twitter or by sharing your unique referral code.

-The referee must be activated a new T-Mobile within the 90 days of being referred, register for the T—

-Mobile refer a Friend program that to within 2 calendar months of the activation and thereby indicate who made the referral while registering.

-Keep in mind to provide the referral email address. T-Mobile Phone number or the code during registration for the refer a friend program to qualify both customers for the $25 promotional card.

-Both the referrer and referee must be customers for minimal 45 days after the activation process and qualifying service and must have active accounts during the time of validation.

-The $25 reward is provided to both the customers basically in a form of $25 T-Mobile promotional prepaid card and then allows 6-8 weeks for processing.

T-Mobile Refer A friend program Requirements

You must have the T-Mobile service up and running and also compete for registration in the Refer-A-Friend program especially before you can participate or send referral communications.

Keeping in mind that your referral should be to T-Mobile who sign up the new activation.

Both the referrer as well as a referee must be signed up for the refer a friend program to qualify for the contest.

The limit is 1new service activation payment of $25 per account /household for the new T-Mobile customers.

The limit is set to $250 per account according to the rules per account, household, address per the calendar year.

Special customers, government, T-Mobile employees, agents are not eligible to participate in this particular program.

Especially pay to go as well as payday customers are not eligible to participate.

You can also go for REPUBLIC wireless referral program if you are especially looking for new phone service provider.

Please feel free to share T-Mobile referral codes in the comments it may help anybody.

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