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Target is one of the most popular Target Corporation in United States of America. It became the second largest company in the United States. It has expanded its stores for more than 2000 Target discount stores which are operating in the United States. From these stores, thousands of customers enjoy the services. This article will provide details about target and other associated details such as Target Schedule .

Target eHR Employee Portal:

Target employee portal is used by employees of Target to access their work related features. The employees will be able to gain access to all eligible benefits such as view their schedules, Target eHR Login, check paystubs, check health benefits and Target employees. View schedule is one of the main features used by the Target employees.


Prerequisites for Target Employees Login Portal:

To start with Target portal, make sure you are ready with the below items.

Target Login Credentials:

First go to Target HR department. Get Target User ID or member number as well as Target Password. Make sure you remember correct user ID and password.

Strong Internet Access:

This portal is an online portal. Make sure that your laptop, PC or mobile has strong, stable and fast internet connectivity.

Electronic device:

An electronic device such as laptop, PC, mobile or tablet is required to access the website. Browsers such as Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox needs to be there on the system.


Target login procedure:

Login into the Target portal using the URL. Give your credentials such as user name and password. No need to register in the portal. This is a portal only for the employees of Target. The credentials will be given to the employee by HR department after registration process. If you are not sure about your member number and password, it is advised to get in touch with the Human Resources department . They will help you with the credentials for logging into the portal. Once you are ready with the login credentials, follow the below steps for logging into the portal.

1. Enter the Target portal using the link from any internet browser.

2. Give your credentials such as Target member number and password. Be sure that you enter the correct details. Check the caps lock while entering the password.

3. Give your Target LAN ID in the username field. It is an eight digit Target team member ID.

4. Enter the Target password in the password field.

5. Hit the login button available on the page.

6. Select your employment type such as part time worker or a full time worker.

7. You will be redirected to your account’s homepage.

8. There will be a navigation bar available at the top of the home page. A search bar will also be available at the home screen. You can use these options to check the topics that you need to check. Be aware about phishing.


Steps for troubleshooting while logging in Target portal:

At times, you may face difficulties while logging into the Target portal. In such cases, follow the below steps for troubleshooting the issue.

  1.  Make sure that the logged in URL is correct.
  2. Clear your history and cookies under security tab of your browser.
  3. Try to switch the browser and try to login into the URL.
  4. Try to login using other device such as mobile, laptop or tablet.
  5. Check whether you are using JavaScript enabled browser.
  6. Check whether the Userid and password are correct.
  7. If you face issues while entering your correct user ID and password which you have received from the HR department, then try to reset your password from the Target login page.
  8. In case you forgot your userid or password, use the forgot password option to reset your password. Click the forgot password link and give your eight digit Target member ID to retrieve or reset the password.

Steps to use Target view my Schedule:

Anyone can view Target work schedule from home while following the below steps. This target schedule can be accessed online from home or office using a desktop or mobile device.

Target My Schedule on PC Login:

Target Mobile Schedule :

1. Visit the Target SSO webpage using the respective URLs depending on your usage such as desktop or mobile. The page will then re-direct to another url with

2. Give your Target LAN ID in the username field. It is an eight digit Target team member ID. This LAN ID is a combination of letters and numbers.

3. Enter the Target password in the password field.

4. The target team member number is the ID that is used on time clocks.

5. The team member number will be found on the paycheck of your team member discount card.

6. Click on login button to login into the page.

7. Click on the red “Scheduling and Timekeeping” button, and then “View my Schedule”.

8. You cannot request time off from home. It should be done in store.

9. Target Schedule can also checked by downloading “Kronos Mobile” app and log in with credentials. You have to enter into the URL to sign in into the kronos app.


Target Team member services:

In addition to view my schedule, target also provides several member services which the users can use. You need to apply SecureConnect to connect to other Target resources. Make sure that your laptop or desktop or mobile device meets Target Security Standards before accessing this portal. You will be able to access Target pay and benefits by accessing the URL If you are accessing this site for the first time, you need to register an account. For registration, you need to provide your personal details such as last four digits of social security number, date of birth, and postal code. Target employees will be allowed to access financial benefits too that included Target credit union, 401K plan, vacation or national holidays, commuter benefits, children discount and Daycare flexible spending account.

How to Contact Target:

You can contact Targetthough their  Target Client Support Center (CSC) at the phone number 1-612-304-HELP (1-612-304-4357). Customer care professionals will be available all the time to answer your queries and requests.

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