Tehparadox site and its alternatives

Tehparadox is an online sharing website which is used for downloading and sharing files like torrents, latest news, programs and events. It provides platform for file sharing along with discussion forums. Share your thoughts about movies, games, applications, books, technology and so on in this forum. Using this file sharing community, there is less chance of getting caught as you are not sharing your bandwidth to others. The links and files are uploaded by the end users not by the tehparadox forum. As you are sharing only the link for downloads, you will be on the safer side. Using this website one can share the same file they are downloading from internet. This same file will be used by other end user who needs the file. This is simply a taking and sharing website.

Tehparadox proxy:

With the use of strong intellects of the large community of bloggers and internet users, tehparadox.com creates a repository of each and everything which anyone can search for in the internet or any forums. One can get anything he/she needs from the community within the spheres of the forum. Content and topics are segregated into categories which helps users to quickly search their items. It has extensive collections in all the topics. The users have to register on the official website to access the forum. With the black and white theme, it makes easy to read the content on the website. The only limiting factor is that the tehparadox website has limited number of users.

Tehparadox down?

Tehparadox got crashed and it is down now. Many news feed were there in twitter, reddit and Facebook about this tehparadox down issue. People are saying different reasons according to their understanding. When checked in “website down” forum for the tehparadox website , it says that the tehparadox website does not result 200 OK HTTP status code response when checking the connectivity. This shows the website is down or unavailable for everyone. The website down forum also says that the website might be overloaded, unreachable or under maintenance. But it is a very long time the website is not available for the users. So the website must be down.

It is the time to think about Tehparadox alternatives as the site is not reachable now. There are several other platforms available which is similar to Tehparadox which one can use to fulfill his/her needs. soe of such Tehparadox alternatives are listed as follows.


This website is an alternate for Tehparadox that can be used to watch movies online all the time. It has a good collection of movies that fulfills the end users expectations. The movies are arranged in alphabets along with fine search options. One can search their movies in a easy way.


2. Viooz.ac :

Viooz.ac is a repository of thousands of movies that are free to watch online and download. You can watch movies without internet by saving the movies offline while using the internet. If you want toenjoy video online, you need to install the flash player. The video will take some time to stream. You need to patient while watching. This acts as a mirror of Tehparadox. By using this website, you will be able to watch only movies. You will not be able to search TV shows and serials.

3. 4chan.org:

4chan.org is an online discussion forum where you can post images for free and pass comments about the image which you see. This forum has dedicated boards for sharing about music, photography and video games. There is no registration required for using this website.

4. 7chan.org:

7chan.org is a mirror of Tehparadox where one can post and view images. There is an option available where you can choose interested categories and the images related to the selected categories will be shown on your page that saves your searching time.

5. 420chan.org:

This 420Chan.org website is a discussion forum board where images can be posted and comments can be shared. Categories in this forum can be used for searching favorite images.

6. ZeroChan.net:

ZeroChan.net website is an image board website that has HQ anime. Every image in this forum is free to explore and share with others. The quality of the images may be quite low. It will attract you with its HQ quality. This website is famous for high quality Japanese and Asian anime pics.

7. Gutenberg.org:

If you were using Tehparadox for searching ebooks and now you are searching for Tehparadox alternative for ebooks, then this Gutenberg site will be a best alternative with which you can download your favourite ebooks. It has offers over 57,000 free books. No registration or fee is required to access this website.


8. TheWatchSeries.to:

This online entertainment store is a repository of full length TV series and seasons. TheWatchSeries.to website also has thousands of movies and films of all categories. This platform is free to watch, download and share  the links with others.

9. SolarMovies.ph:

This website is a collection of best HD movies over the internet. SolarMovies.ph provides live streaming and downloading links of the movies instead of storing the content in the server. This has an independent movie search system in which one has to use the name of the movie.

Solar Movies

10. Archive.org:

This Tehparadox alternate is a free informative and material provider. It contains library of movies, music, books, software etc like Tehparadox. It contains around 2.4 million movies and 2.8 million music tracks. One can find only the best and informative resources in the Archive.org website. Advanced search system is available through which you can search your favorite items in a easy manner.


11. Retrovision.tv:

This website is a collection of movies, programs, cartoons, series and other events based on the categories. You will find it difficult while using the website for the first time. But you will start to enjoy this website after using this. It provides a free trial for a month in which you can enjoy your favorites for free.

Try using the given Tehparadox alternative sites and enjoy your time. If you find this article useful, please share it with your friends and family.

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