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Thunder Speedometer ! What is that ? Let us know what is thunder speedometer app in the below guide.

Hello ! guys,Are you bored of your old speedometers ?Here i am going to tell you about an advanced and attractive App for Android called Thunder Speedometer.Many of you may know the use of a speedometer.For someone who don’t know the use of speedometer and what is a speedometer below i am writing about Speedometer and its uses.

Basically Speedometer is a device that is used to measure the speed of the vehicle and here i’m going to tell you about widely used speedometer app that is for android users.While you are travelling on any vehicle(bike,car,bus e.t.c except Air and Water transportation) you can measure the speed of the vehicle that you are travelling in.

We already know about some apps and digital mobile speedometers that are available online.But none of the app gave me satisfaction based on user interface and design and i searched for more apps online.After completing the research i found the best one among the list is Thunder Speedometer Apk.

What is GPS/Thunder Speedometer ?

Thunder Speedometer is an android app which can be used to calculate the speed of the vehicle in which you are travelling and it shows the meter as shown in below image.

Thunder Speedometer works based on GPS (Global Positioning System).

Why Thunder/GPS Speedometer..?

As i said in the above paragraph we have so many speedometer android apps to measure speed of our vehicles based on GPS(Global Positioning System) but the main feature that let you choose Thunder Speedometer is its “ACCURACY”.
Yes what you heard is right.Accuracy is the main reason that made thousands of downloads for this GPS Speedometer app.
This Thunder Speedometer gives you very accurate speed than any other GPS Speedometer app that is available in the market.
It gives you accurate speed in a range from 0 to 360(speed) and also the app works instantly without any lags.
Mainly Accuracy and Speed are enough to use the Thunder Speedometer app than any other GPS Speedometer App. Not only these two features but there are other features like attractive themes e.t.c.GPS Speedometer app works on rotational modes like Portrait and also in Landscape mode.

Special Attractions:

Not only in performance but also Thunder Speedometer have following Special features :

  • Start / Stop
  • Attractive Theme
  • Unit Conversion
  • Speed Alarm
  • Speed Category
  • Rest TutorialGPS-Speedometer-app

All the above features are built-in features in this GPS Speedometer app. so, let’s analyse each of the features.

 1 : Unit Conversion:

Unit Conversion converts speed from Mile-Kilometer-Nautical,Kilometer-Mile-Nautical e.t.c.It converts 4 Different ways of measuring of Speed they are…

  • Kilo-Meter
  • Mile
  • Meter
  • Nautical-Mile


so, with one click you can convert your speed from one measurement into any type of measurement as per your requirement.Above you can see an screenshot of Unit Conversion.

  2 : Speed Category

As i already said that This Speedometer can be used to measure the speed of all types of vehicles that travel on road. So, there are different types of people in this world and every person have their own style and taste.As per their style and their taste they have different vehicles like bikes,cars and they will maintain different speed at different time and this app is designed for all type of people with different Speed Category.In speed we have 4 types of speeds based on speed limit. they are.

  • Cycling
  • City
  • Highway
  • Racing


Above I provided an image to explain each Speed Category.

   3 : Theme:
 The special Attraction of this Application is Themes. Themes are awesome feature in This Application. I bet will everyone like this feature in this speedometer. this will provides these themes.


  • Ferrari
  • Lamborghini
  • Camaro
  • Porsche
  • Volcano
  • Lexus

All the above themes are used as in this App and by default you will get volcano theme.


And here i provided images that shows themes looks in Device.

    4 : Start/Stop:
Start/Stop feature is a button which use to start or stop the calculation of speed while you are travelling.When you start your journey and want to start calculating your travelling speed then you need to click on Start button similarly after completion of your journey or when you want to stop calculating speed click on Stop button to stop your app.

     5 : Speed Alarm:
Speed Alarm is one more important feature in Thunder Speedometer apk.It should be called as Safety feature instead of important feature.Because in most cases i can definitely say that this Speed Alarm will save your life.Speed Alarm will give you a message alert when you cross your speed limit.For that you need to set your speed limit.


For example if you don’t want to cross your speed over 90km/hr then simply set your Speed Alarm to 90Km/hr. so, while driving your vehicle if you cross your limit beyond your speed that is 90 km/hr you will get a danger sound (Alarm). so, by this Alarm you get to know that you have crossed your speed limit i.e, 90Km/hr and can decrease your speed.

      6 : Reset Tutorial:
Reset button is used to Reset all the manual settings that are set by you manually and all the default setting will be set automatically.

How to download Thunder Speedometer app?

We all know that there are tons of fake sites that provide fake download links and make money.And here we are providing the genuine download link to thunder speedometer apk.To download the app follow the below given instructions :

  • Firstly go to google play store and type “Thunder Speedometer” or ” GPS Speedometer”.
  • Then you will get the app as shown in the below image.


  • Click on install button to download the app.
  • Then the app downloads and installs automatically in few seconds(depends on your internet & phone speed).
  • Now your thunder speedometer app is ready to use on your android device.

Or simply download by clicking on the download button below.

Above we have seen How to download thunder speedometer app and what are the features of thunder speedometer app. Now let’s see how to use thunder speedometer app.

How To Use Thunder/GPS Speedometer App :

  1. After downloading the thunder speedometer app just open your app.
  2. Next start your vehicle and it will start automatically.
  3. You can compare your vehicle speedometer and thunder/gps speedometer app and you can observe the speed approximately equal.

There will be a minor difference between your vehicle speedometer and thunder speedometer speed which is negligible.

Check The Usage Process Of Thunder/GPS Speedometer App In this Video

This video explains you clearly how perfect is thunder speedometer app.

Download From Third Party Sites:

You can also download the app from third party sites like apkpure,apkmirror,apkmonk,9apps e.t.c

Conclusion :

All the above written content is written after doing a lot of research by me.After using Thunder Speedometer or GPS Speedometer app you will also agree with me.Thanks for reading the article.If you have any doubts or suggestions please comment below or contact us via our contact us page.

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