Top 5 Power saving Android Apps For Boosting Device Performance

When using our Android devices we all our concerned about how long the battery power will last. This is a common problem we all face on a normal usage but things need to be in right place for better management of the battery resources. There are many apps available on Google Play for boosting your battery life but all of them do not live upto the expectation. The list below includes some of the best power saving android apps you can use not only to save power but also to optimize the battery life of your Android device.

Power Tune-up

power tune up Top & Best 5 Power saving Android Apps for boosting device performance

Its an amazing app developed by Bitdefender and has many interesting options available. You can easily switch to battery saver mode and also customize settings to allocate power resources to the apps you require. Power Tune-up can help you optimize performance and results in better battery economy.

Battery Doctor Saver

battery dr. Top & Best 5 Power saving Android Apps for boosting device performance

This is a great app for saving power as it doesn’t interrupt your data transfer speed and limits your power usage. You can manage different connectivity options like, Wi-fi, Bluetooth , GPS and also allows you to set screen timeouts. An another interesting feature allows you to check the temperature of your Android device. User reviews are very satisfying and some of them has found excellent power saving solutions in this app.

Android booster Free


android booster Top & Best 5 Power saving Android Apps for boosting device performance

This free app just delivers what it promises to do, it saves powerrecovers memoryremoves unwanted appsand most important it boosts the speed of the Android System. The User rating is 4.5 and definitely it is worth that figure, you will not get an app for Android which provides you with these many features in a single app. Manage all your tasks and improve the battery life just on a one touch from a single place.

Green Power free Battery Saver

green power Top & Best 5 Power saving Android Apps for boosting device performance

Green Power is more of an intelligent app which automatically understands users requirement on where to save power and where not. It is very efficient and works best with Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge, it doesn’t requires users access to switch ON/OFF Wi-fi3G or NFC and automatically activates or deactivates connectivity options when they are required by any user or app.

Screebl Lite

Screebl lite Top & Best 5 Power saving Android Apps for boosting device performance

Screen display is something which highly influences the battery life of any device. Also, altering the screen brightness and setting timeouts at times can became a tedious task for you. There is certainly a better solution to this problem. Screebl lite is a free app which takes control of the orientation of your hands and adjusts the screen display accordingly.The display of the device will stay up as long as the device is in your hands. You can really save a lot on battery consumption using this app.

Remember, all of these are Free app, if you can make for the Paid versions you will find some very productive app for saving power. I personally recommend you to go for app like JuiceDefender, Battery Stretch, ZDBox.

Note :- Many of these apps face a problems with Tablets like icons are missing  and all of that kind. But don’t panic as it will not effect your device. You can stay updated for the latest version on Google play or on developer’s site.
The list has been prepared by me and is according to my perception and personal findings, if you think your favourite app is missing out of the list then do let us know below in the comments section. I would love to hear from you. 

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