Unfollowgram App Download – Find Who Unfollowed You On Instagram

Now a days instagram became the most trending app in the smartphones, the major defect in the app is that it does not let you know about the people who unfollowed you, to know that you have to remember the number of followers and keep on checking by going through everyones account whether they are interested on us or not, this process is not so realistc as we cant waste our time always by checking who unfollowed us. Now iam going to share a famous third party app which makes us to know about the people who unfollowed us on instagram, the thirdrd party is UNFOLLOWGRAM.

The cool app which make us to know who unfollowed us is UNFOLLOWGRAM. It is the most trusted, safest app and it is the third party app as i have already mentioned. Instagram account authorises unfollogram apk.

These days unfollowgram is becoming the trending app because of the simple and cool advantage. This app not only gives the analysis of instagram but also about Facebook, Twitter, Orkut and many more.

unfollowgram app download

Some of the extraordinary features of the UNFOLLOWGRAM app


  • The basic feature of unfollowgram app is it gives you the daily updates of the people who unfollowed you
  • By using unfollowgram you can able to find out who followed you.
  • Unfollowgram gives you the detailed information the people who blocked you.
  • You can get the full powers of your followers and following list, so you can add or delete easily as you want.
  • You will get daily updates of the people followed by you by using UNFOLLOWGRAM.

The above provided information is more enough to start the unfollowgram app.

unfollowgram is available for almost all smartphones. Instagram is the app which is managed by the facebook, day by dat facebook is introducing many options and features in instagram. you can easily download the apk file of unfollowgram. Followes and uploads can easily manages by unfollowgram.

Go through the below steps to find out who unfollowed you by using unfollowgram app

To use unfollowgram on your android follow these steps

  • Search for unfollowgram on google play store.
  • Open the unfolllowgram app, click on download and install the app

To perform the unfollowgram on your desktop follow the below steps

  • Navigate the unfollowgram.com on your desktop
  • After launching the official website page , you can see the tabs as sign in option one with instagram and other with twitter, if you want you can authorize your account also.
  • Click on sign in with instagram
  • After signing in you will be redirected to another page, where you are asked to enter your Instagram login details. You should be very careful enough while entering the information because this is the important step in the process of managing your Instagram account with Unfollowgram app.
  • After giving permission to access your Instagram account, a screen will pop-up asking the permission for the authorization of the app.
  • Then Unfollowgram app will request you to give the permission to ‘Access your basic information’ and to Follow/unfollow other users.
  • Click on the authorize option at the bottom of the screen
  • In order to get the complete details of your account, you need to enter your email id
  • Finally you will get access to all the services provided by unfollowgram like



You can download and register with this App either on your mobile device or desktop, so to perform Unfollowgram APK download follow the first two steps, and to directly use it on the website follow the further steps carefully. Also be ready with your Instagram username and password and with a high-speed active internet connection.

Step1 : Visit Google play store and search for Unfollowgram APK download.

Step2 : Click or tap on the appropriate result and install the app.

Step3 : Navigate to Unfollowgram.Com website on your browser.

Step4 : After landing on the web page, you will see the tab sign in with Instagram or Twitter; here we will only use Instagram if you want you can authorize your account with Twitter also.

Step5 : Click sign in with Instagram.

Step6 : Now, after you are redirected to another page, where you will be asked to enter the relevant Instagram login credentials. Be very careful when you follow this step, as this is very important step in this process of managing your Instagram account with Unfollowgram app.

Step7 : After giving permission to access your Instagram account, a screen will pop-up ask the permission for the authorization of the app.

Step8 : Now the Unfollowgram app asks you to give permission to ‘Access your basic information’ on instagram profile and to ‘Follow/unfollow other users.’

Step9 : Click authorize at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Step10 : Next you need to provide a valid email ID to register on Unfollowgram, in order to get complete detailed analysis of your instagram account.

Step11 : Now, you will be welcomed on Unfollowgram dashboard, from where you can access all the services provided by the app like,

  • Who unfollowed me
  • Who I don’t follow back
  • Who doesn’t follow me back?
  • Following
  • Followers

Now you can manage your account from one web page, no need of traversing from Unfollowgram  to Instagram app.Below we have provided an Unfollowgram review, it makes you know about the quality of the app and you will also know that Unfollowgram not working is just an another excuse, because it works like anything.

It is simple to use, this app does not contain many ads and it is a free app no need of paying any money. This app worths  5-star rating.:

It is recommended for everyone

At sometimes you will be notified that unfollowgram account is not working, no need to disappoint because we also have a list of alternatives for unfollowgram i will make you to know about them

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