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Are you a regular customer of whataburger waiting for a chance to share your comments with them? Here is the way with which you can share your feedback using whataburger experience survey. This survey will help anyone to share their comments and feedback to whataburger. They value their customer’s feedback and reward them by giving offers, deals and free food. Whataburger uses feedback from their customers to improve their quality, standards and customer satisfaction. Using this article, you will get all the information about whataburger experience survey and the steps to complete it.


About Whataburger:

Whataburger is an American fast food restaurant. It is located in San Antonio, Texas. Whataburger is famous for its hamburgers. Harmon Dobson and Paul Burton founded this restaurant at Texas in 1950.
It has branches around 824 locations.

What is a whataburger experience survey?

Whataburger survey is a survey used by whataburger restaurants to know about their customer needs and their experience. This survey will have set of questions related to menus and their services. The survey will take only a few minutes. You will get the validation code at the end of the survey with which you can get free food, fries or drinks.


Prerequisites for the survey:

  1. A PC,laptop or mobile with strong internet connection.
  2. A purchase of any item from whataburger restaurant is necessary as we need the receipt for this survey.
  3. Recent receipt is important as we need to get some details such as date, time and restaurant number from it.
  4. Basic knowledge in English or Spanish which will help you to answer the questions asked in the survey.
  5. An invitation to the survey website on the receipt is mandatory.

Once you are ready with all the above prerequisites, you can follow the below simple steps to complete the survey.


Steps to complete the whataburger experience survey:

  • Login into the whataburger experience survey website.
  • Choose the language of your choice either as English or Spanish.
  • Give the 16 digit survey code written on the receipt in the boxes available in the website.
  • If your receipt does not have a survey code then you have to click the blue colored “click here” link available on the website.
  • This link will open up a page where you have to enter details such as restaurant number, date and time.
  • You can get these details from your receipt.
  • After logging into the survey code and giving the required details, questions page will open up.
  • These questions basically consist of questions related to whataburger menus, customer services, delivery and other related queries.
  • Answer all the questions as per your experience.
  • There will be a progress bar available in the website that shows the status of your survey. The progress bar shows the status starting from 0% and increases ad the survey progresses. Upon completing the survey, it will be at 100%.
  • Share your answers, feedback and comments honestly.
  • Do not skip any questions as all the questions are mandatory.
  • Once all the questions are answered, click the “submit” button to submit the survey.
  • A Validation code will get generated after submission.
  • Note down the validation code on the receipt. Do not forget to write the validation code.  After closing the browser, the code will not be retrieved back.
  • Please be careful and write the validation code at the time of generation itself.


How to redeem the receipt?

  • Go to the restaurant where you received the receipt originally.
  • Give the receipt having the validation code in the cash counter.
  • The cashier will validate the validation code and offer you the benefit which is mentioned on your receipt.
  • The offer may usually include free fries,drinks or burger.

Terms and conditions to avail the whataburger offer:

  1. You should be a legal resident of United States.
  2. Redeeming the offer for cash is not allowed and you can get only the offer which is mentioned on your receipt such as fries, drinks or burger.
  3. You will be able to redeem the receipt only on the restaurant where you bought the receipt originally.
  4. You must have completed 18 years of age and you can take part in the survey only once for a receipt. If you try to use the survey code again for giving the survey, the website will not allow you to proceed further.
  5. You can not avail any other offers if you are using this offer.
  6. Any one who has relationship with whataburger such as its employees, managers and directors and the immediate family members are not eligible to take part in this survey.


How to locate the nearest whataburger restaurant?

You can locate your nearby whataburger restaurant using any of the following ways.

  1. Just login into Google maps and type “whataburger restaurant near me”. The result will give you the nearby restaurant along with the direction details.
  2. You can locate your nearest whataburger restaurant using the store locator option available in the official website.  You have to give some basic details such as city, state or zip code in the search box available in the store locator. The search result will give you the nearby whataburger restaurants along with the direction details.
  3. You can use the whataburger mobile app for finding the nearest location of whataburger restaurant. You have to just go to the store locator feature and you have to give basic details as mentioned earlier for the official website.


How to contact whataburger ?

  • You can contact whataburger using their toll free number 18006287437.
  • You can reach them by submitting your queries on the contact page available in the official site.
  • One can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

If you do not have a receipt with you for the survey then no worries. You can share your feedback on the official site. Rewards will not be given for sharing feedback in this site.

What are you waiting for? Go to your nearest whataburger restaurant, order your favorite items, save the receipt, complete the survey and get the offer which is mentioned on the receipt.

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