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Worksmart Michaels is an online portal of Michaels company. This portal is not available to all the users. It is available only to the employees of Michael. You need a valid ID and password to login into the portal. The ID is the employee ID of the user who works in Michael. Without credentials you will not be able to access the website. All the details about the current job at Micheals will be available on this site. Details such as Worksmart Michaels job schedule, Worksmart Michaels paystubs and so on can be accessed using this site.

Maximised usage of worksmart Michaels employee account can be used to grow your career path. This portal is available in many languages and no need to worry about language issue. You can use the language that suits you according to your convenience. This technology company works on business applications. Worksmart Michaels has the best system for employees login. It serves 13000 employees in around 200 countries.

Prerequisites for Worksmart Michaels Employees Login Portal:

To start with Worksmart Michaels portal, make sure you are ready with the below items.

Worksmart Michaels Login Credentials:

Go to Worksmart HR or Michaels HR department. Get Worksmart Michaels User ID as well as Worksmart Michaels Password.

Strong Internet Access:

This portal is an online portal. Make sure that your laptop, PC or mobile has strong, stable and fast internet connectivity.

Electronic device:

An electronic device such as laptop, PC, mobile or tablet is required to access the website. Browsers such as Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox needs to be there on the system.

Steps for accessing Worksmart Michaels website:

You can access the site in an easy way by following the below easy steps.

1. Visit Worksmart Michaels Website:

Login into the official website of Worksmart Michaels using the URL

2. Set the preferred language:

List of languages such as English, Francais and Canadian will be available in the website. Choose the language of your choice according to your convenience. The page will be changed to the selected language.

3. Give Worksmart Michaels User ID:

The next step is to login into the site. Give the user ID you got from the Worksmart Michaels HR department. Make sure you enter the correct user ID.

4. Give Worksmart Michaels Password:

After giving the User ID, give the password you received from the HR department in the password field. Enter the correct credentials. Check the caps lock while entering the password.

5. Click the Arrow button:

After giving the User ID and password, click the blue colored arrow button available at the bottom of the page. It will open the official Michaels Self Care account. Anything related to your current job can be accessed using this site.


Features available at Worksmart Michaels Login Portal for Employees:

There are many features available in this website to grow your career path. Worksheet Michael has a help page. This page have queries and answers. You can check your query in that page. If you have a new query then you can contact the department by raising a ticket and get the query answered. Find the below features available in the worksmart Michael website.

1. Create a Service Ticket:

The first feature that one can avail in this website is the service ticket creation. You can raise a ticket in this portal. The ticket will be assigned to the support team. Worksmart Michaels support team working hours are from Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM EST.

2. Set up a New User:

Worksmart Michaels website allows you to add new user. Login into the website and do the process for Michaels Worksmart registration. In case of any issues contact Worksmart HR team. You can send an email to or you can also contact Worksmart HR phone number at (888) 484-1012.

3. Service, Status, and Payment Portals:

This features allows you to access details such as Michaels Service, Michaels Status and Michaels Payment using the official worksmart Michaels website. In case of any issues or help needed, you can contact Office365 through Email, Sharepoint, Lync, as well as OneDrive. Michaels App is also available which you can use to access the worksmart Michaels website. To get direct access to the the service portal, visit Michaels Service Portal at For direct access to the Michaels Payment Portal, you can access at To access Michaels Spam Filter Portal use the link

4. WorkSmart Forms:

You can get access to worksmart forms by contacting Michaels Client Engagement Manager. Michaels Worksmart After Hours Option is also available at the website.


Steps to Fix Worksmart Michaels Login Portal Security Alerts:

While accessing the Michaels Worksmart website, you will receive security alerts for security reason. No need to worry on seeing such alerts. In case of any query related to the security alert, you can reach out to Michaels Worksmart Support Center. You can use the below links which may be helpful to fix issues related to security alerts.
1. Visit , the help page of Michaels Worksmart that contains set of answered queries.
2. Visit Michaels Worksmart Twitter  @WorkSmartHelp. All the latest information related to the company along with recent updates will be available here.
3. Visit Worksmart Michaels Facebook at
4. Visit to access the RSS feed.

Michaels Worksmart Benefits:

Michaels Worksmart is a good company to work with. It offers several benefits to its customers. Some of the benefits are Salary and incentives, Career path, Life insurance, Free training, vacation services and so on.

Classes and Events at Worksmart Michaels ETM Login for Employees:

Michaels Worksmart offers classes and events to the students who are in learning stage. One can join these events and get the lessons.

How to Contact Michaels Technical Supports and Michaels Customer Service?

1. Visit Michaels office to meet Michaels representatives.
2. The head quarters is located at the address 8000 Bent Branch Drive, Irving, Texas 75063. You can write letter to this address along with your query.
3. They provide customer care service at their number 972 409 1300. You can reach this number on working hours to get your queries clarified.
4. Visit website and access the help page for common queries and answers.

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