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JackListens allow a Jack in the Box users to take a Jack in the Box Survey at www.jacklistens.com. JackListens survey offers Two Free Tacos once the user is complete the survey successfully. If you visit the Jack in the Box restaurant recently, you have to share your experience feedback here and win free tacos.

JackListens Survey provides a feedback portal for the user who visits the restaurant and shares their experience with a corporate.

www.jacklistings.com survey

Nowadays, the lot of cafe or restaurant provide a survey to get in the touch with its customers. Jack in the Box Restaurant does the same thing. They provide a JackListens as its customer satisfaction survey. The survey gives a free space to the customer to give their complaints or recommendation through Jack’s performance. In general, it will show some statement about a restaurant. For example, the question is about its service, workers, place, food, and so on. JackListens need seven to ten minutes to complete all the questionnaires. In this occasion, the participant should worry because JackListens survey is not complicated. It offers great reward to its survey participant.

What to prepare for a www.JackListens.com Customer Feedback Experience Survey?

Always remember that restaurant doesn’t provide anything except a survey code which is printed on Jack in the Box receipt. So, you have to prepare all things by yourself in the order to participate in the survey. Just in case you don’t have them, then you can easily borrow it from your friend. These are the things you need:

A Computer or Smartphone = The first thing which you need to have is a device that connects to the internet and also loads websites. It can be computer, laptop, smartphone or notebook. I recommend you to use a computer because they have a bigger screen than a smartphone. So, you don’t need to scroll too often and understand the survey better.

Internet Access = The second thing is an internet access. It is an online survey, then you need an internet access. Without an internet, you are not able to access any website. The survey is very simple. If you can access it even you have a slow internet connection.

Jack in the Box Receipt = The last thing is valid receipt of Jack in the Box. It will ask you for a JackListens Survey Code. If you find this JackListens Survey entry code printed on your receipt. The code was used to pass JackListens survey login portal at the beginning of the survey to make sure that you are their customer.

How to Participate in JackListens Survey step by step guide?

Please remember there is no one is guiding you during the survey. I can’t guarantee you that their staffs are able to guide you or not because of the restaurants seem always busy. It is better to correct the steps in order to complete the survey correctly. Follow the steps are given below:

First, you have to turn your electronic device which you have been prepared before. In this case, you can launch an internet browser. It can be Mozilla Firefox, UC browser, or maybe Google Chrome or Safari. If you want to open the official website of Jack in the Box survey. Click on the address bar and type www.JackListens.com.

Secondly, you have to see a Jack Listens Guest Experience Survey homepage, you can set the language which you prefer. There is only two language available which are Spanish and English. English will be the best language ever as it is the international language. If any case you don’t master any language of the available ones, so you should not worry. It is so you can get a big help from Google translate. If you can copy and paste www.JackListens.com Survey link address. Then, you can get the translated page.

After that, you have to pass a JackListens Customer Satisfaction login portal. Easily, all you have to do is put your JackListens 14 digit code which you can find printed on your Jack in the Box receipt. You have to check twice just in the case you may type the digit incorrectly.

You just have to click on “start” button. If you type your code correctly, then you will enter the survey page. If you cannot pass a login portal, you have to make sure whether the Jack Listens Survey Code is valid or not. Once you used the code, then you cannot use it again for any other JackListens Survey.


After that, you have to answer all the JackListens Survey questions, you will receive a unique JackListens Survey validation code. It will be good if you print out the code or just write down the manually at the back of Jack in the Box receipt. You can use Jack Listens Survey Redemption code to redeem your Jack in the Box tacos for your next Visit.

How to find Nearest Jacklistens in the Box stores?

Talking about a Jack in the Box restaurant, you have to make a visit to one of the stores, in this case, you don’t have to travel for hours just to find Jack in the Box location near me. There is three easiest way to find a location and you can do it with one click. Here they are:-

Jack in the Box Locator = You can access a Jack in the Box official website at JackInTheBox.com. You can see a menu of Jack in the Box locator. You can click on the menu and enter the zip code, city, as well as the state you want to go. You can click on “search” entitled button. It will show the Jack in the Box location inside the area you set.

Jack in the Box Map = Google map become a one of the most important application that people you when they travel somewhere. In this case, you can also find the Jack in the Box nearest location. Easily, you can type a Jack in the Box near me or Jack in the Box store near me. There will be some result which you can choose based on your preference. You can also see the time duration which you are going to spend when you reach the store location.

Jack in the Box on Google = It is a last one and also useful as you can try it without having to install an application first. If you can search Jack in the Box near Me location and you will see some result. You can choose the best one you want to provide the Jack in the Box hours of operation. There is also a sign whether Jack in the Box store you want to open or closed. You are also able to check a Jack in the Box menu at glance through this search engine.

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