Zippy Loans Review

Zippy loan is a financial service that allows borrowers to get money from lenders. It is a platform that connects individuals for their monetary needs. At zippy loan, one can avail personal loan of $100 to $15000. Real time decisions and efficiency are taken by zippy loan. Even though there are several websites available for the same purpose, they may have their own risks and troubling facts.Checkout the below Zippy Loans Review :

Zippy Loans Review – What is zippy loan?

Zippy loan is a platform for finance. It specializes in connecting who need money to the lenders. Zippy loan is not a financial institution, creditor or lender. They are simply a service provider who connects borrowers with lenders. This website allows the lender to complete the loan approval process in the zippy loan website. Within a few minute, the burrower can know the status of the loan whether it is approved or not. According to the Business Bureau, zippy loan is not an accredited website for finance. Their address on file is 2220 Meridian Blvd PMB 014909, Minden, NV 89423-8601. According to the BBB report, total of 35 complaints has been made against zippy loan. Almost 80 percent of the customer feedback is negative.


How Zippy Loan works ?

After submitting an application in Zippy loan portal, the application will be sent to more than 100 lenders. It also offers variety of loan choices and one can choose anything according to their convenience. You can access the website through desktop, iOS or Android browsers. This website is accessible via mobile as well. If you are searching for loan, you can get that on the go using this website.

Zippy loan operation:

To be eligible to apply for a loan in zippy loan, you have to register on the website with all the required details. Those details are full name, correct address for communication along with the necessary income and employment information. Based on the amount of capital for the personal loan repayment periods will be allowed. A maximum of 60 repayment period is allowed. This over all process will take almost five minutes to complete. Even though the website says customers with poor credit can also apply for loan, the customer feedback review says that the customers who are having credit less than 650 will not be eligible for loan. After your loan got approved, zippy loan will connect your profile with the lender. After connecting with the lends, you can review, negotiate and e-sign the agreement if you decide to move further. After approval, you will receive the cash advance loan within 24 hours.


Discrepancies and Red flags against zippy loan:

Zippy loan appears as an anonymous service provider where no information is available about site operators, owners or if they are backed by a corporate entity. There are number of complaints raised against zippy loan which causes red flags against legitimacy of service providers.

Process for applying zippy loan:

Zippy loan has both installment and short term loans. The user can choose according to their requirement. The prpcess of applying loan is based on three steps as follows.

  • Online application
  • Sign up and collect
  • Repay

Online application:

You need to submit the application with all the required details. After submitting the application it will be sent to several lenders.

Sign up and collect:

After matching your profile with the lender, zippy will allow you to contact with the lender. You can verify the details, review and sign the document instantly and electronically. The fund will be transferred to your bank account with in next 24 hours.


Zippy loan allows you to manage the network of your lenders. You can repay the amount in multiple installments. There will be a time frame of 60 months. Short term repay is also available where you can pay the amount as early as possible.

Benefits of zippy loan:

There are many companies offering loans. But people prefer zippy loan because of the following reasons.

  • Apply Online in less than 5 minutes
  • Real time loan decisions
  • Credit types are accepted
  • Quick access to funds
  • Help you to build your credit

Registered complaints:

The are many complaints raised against zippy loan website. In order to get all the details about the complaints, visit the BBB website.

Can we trust zippy loan?

As zippy loan is anonymous in nature, it’s quite risky to trust them. Also, After checking the complaints raised against them, it is not good to trust them. Because of these two reasons, we cannot consider zippy loan as a trustworthy service provider.

Rankings and popularity:

According to SimilarWeb report of December 2017, zippy loan is at the rank of 152,215. Almost 95 percent of the total customer of this site resides in United States of America.

Zippy loans reviews:

Some of the zippy loans reviews are as follows.

  • “Very Good and very nice customer support. My loan of $10,000 approved and paid in full within 24 hours.” Marvin
  • “Easy sign up and quick lending, would definitely use them again.” Tina
  • “back in 2016 just before Christmas i was in need of money and someone told me about zippy loans review. The loan was approved and arrived in my account next day. Their support team is very nice.” Thomas
  • “loan was rejected and the staff member talked with me very rudely, I complained about him next day but had no action. Do publish my review so, people should know.” Sabrina
  • “simple and easy application process.” Anonymous
  • “I was in dire need of money and to be honest zippy loan is the only website whose lender approved my application.”Donald
  • “My application was rejected straight away. They do have quick processing but they are liars as they advertised i will get loan even if i have bad credit. I contacted the support team and they told that approving/disapproving is in hands of lender.” Neil
  • “The lender is harassing me as i failed to pay him back.” Anonymous
  • “I actually used ton’s of payday loans companies. Most of them blast you with promotional, spam emails but zippy loan is truly different. Holiday’s are here and i needed money and zippy loan helped me get that. So, for me they are 10/10.” Naria
  • ” Two words, Easy and fast.” Todd

Conclusion :

Hope you got the complete zippy loans review after reading the above article.According to the sources there are more negative zippy loans reviews than positive reviews.So, to conclude our Zippy Loans review article, we suggest you go to your nearer bank, or other lending loans sites which have a good rating and customer reviews.

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